Bringing True Health and Healing Into Dog Care Naturally

The Whole Dog has been devoted to helping dog owners across the globe with education and consultations concerning a wide range of health conditions with the use of personalized therapeutic diets and natural healing protocols for every dog and condition since 2003.

Our mission is  bringing true health and healing into dog care naturally. Animal Naturopath, Small Animal Nutritionist and Naturopathic Educator Dr. Jeannie Thomason offers comprehensive, individualized online consultations, as well as online courses (coming soon) in canine nutrition, new puppy wellness, aromatherapy for animals, and breeding for natural rearing breeders.

True health and healing is not common these days - conventional care involves the use of synthetic, most often toxic chemical drugs that suppress or hide the symptoms of dis-ease.  Naturopathy or true holistic health looks for the cause of the symptoms, removes it and works with the body naturally to spark the immune system back to its job of true health and healing naturally. Read More