"Helping You, Help Your Dog Live a Longer, Healthier Life - Naturally!"

Natural Remedies

The health of our pets is a lifetime commitment.

The goal is to have your companion animal achieve true wellness and thus prevent imbalance that leads to dis-ease in the first place.   However, when the body does go out of balance, then we can employ the use of natural remedies such as essential oils, herbs, flower essences, homeopathy etc.

Natural Health Care Products

We strive to provide your canine companion with a selection of natural health care products including:

Species appropriate whole food supplements,  effective natural healing modalities, treats and safe toys to assist you in giving them the healthy, happy lifestyle they deserve.  At The Whole Dog, we extensively research every product we promote and use them with our own dogs, so that our clients and customers can buy and use the products with confidence.

Natural Rearing: The Book

Natural Rearing: Breeding & Raising Dogs The Way Nature Intended

Book by Dr. Jeannie (Jeanette) Thomason

Today’s canine companions have many health issues – stemming from improper diet, environmental toxins, medications and suppressed immune systems.  A strong immune system is the ultimate defense against dis-ease. Natural rearing for natural immunity is the key!

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