"Helping You, Help Your Dog Live a Longer, Healthier Life - Naturally!"

About The Whole Dog

“Putting True Health & Healing Back into Healthcare”

Dr. Jeannie Thomason, founder and owner of The Whole Dog

Legendary horse trainer Ray Hunt always opened every clinic or symposium that he held, the same way, announcing: “I’m here for the horse, to help him get a better deal.”

I want to see dogs “get a better deal”.  I promote looking at the over all health – body, mind, spirit as well as our relationships with our dogs, from the dog’s perspective. My focus is on putting the dog’s needs first by taking a “wholistic” or naturopathic approach and honoring him as the species he is – a canine and a carnivore. Honoring the dog as such is by far the best gift we can give him.

Natural Nutritional Supplements For Dogs

(Whole Food Sourced – Carnivore Specific Ingredients)

“Remedies from chemicals will never stand in favorable comparison with the products of Nature, the living cell of the plant, the final result of the rays of the sun…” ~Thomas A. Edison

Even with the best quality,naturally balanced diet, nutritional supplements for dogs are necessary to provide the many nutrients now missing from the food chain. Years of over-farming, the use (and abuse) of chemicals, fertilizers and various environmental pollution, have taken their toll. Even organic farming cannot guarantee that the meat or produce will be more nutritious, as it will take approximately 75 years for lost nutrients to return to the soil!

Naturopathic Wellness For Dogs Consultations

Naturopathic Wellness Consultations

 Learn – how to achieve true thriving health in your dog; how to aid an already ailing animal companion to heal, and how to maintain that vital, thriving health – naturally.

The successful, naturopathic approach relies on more than simply striving to keep our pets free of the symptoms of illness; rather, the focus is on total wellness using what has been supplied in nature to spark the dog to be well:

  • encouraging natural immunity
  • nourishing the body with species specific nutrition
  • improving the biological and cellular terrain
  • maintaining a balance between each interdependent function of the body systems while igniting the body’s own internal healing force through the application of the laws of health mandated in nature
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