Yucca For Dog Health

This month’s Herb is Yucca!

A member of the lily family, the plant is also known by the names “soap root,” “Spanish Bayonet,” and “Spanish Dagger.” The reference to soap comes from long historical use of the plant’s roots as a foaming cleanser. Yucca contains large amounts of the steroid saponin, which accounts for its lathering ability.

The saponins in Yucca are a precursor of natural coritsone normally produced by the adrenal glands. This makes it a popular remedy for all kinds of inflammation, such as arthritis, rheumatism, bursitis, colitis, and other inflammatory conditions! 

In 1975, Dr. Robert Bingham, director of the National Arthritis Medical Clinic, tested a Yucca saponin extract on 149 human patients at the California center. Most of the patients later felt less pain, stiffness, and swelling in their joints. Others also received additional benefits, such as, migraine relief, lower blood pressure, and cholesterol/triglyceride reduction. Dr. Bingham believes that the saponins aid digestion and absorption of fats. They also work as cleansing substances which help prevent absorption of harmful bacteria and protozoa from the bowel that cause the stiffness and inflammation in the joints, he says. These compounds also appear to improve circulation.

Yucca is high in vitamins A, B, and C, and contains potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, manganese and copper which make it very soothing to the intestinal tract. The plant provides nutritional support to the structural system (bones, joints, muscles). Each capsule contains 490 mg. of Yucca.

Research has also shown that yucca helps with stimulating friendly intestional flora, which in turn aids in the absorption of nutritional factors and decreases the amount of toxins that may be aborbed from the digestive system. There would be less poisons which may build up in the joints thus causing degenerative diseases like arthritis and rheumatism.

Arthritis is a manifestation of toxic conditions in the body.

Here again, my philosophy of cleaning the blood (de-toxing) and removing toxins are a critical component of preventing and reversing arthritis conditions in our pets and  Yucca has clearly been shown to help.

Best Ways
Today’s Herbal Health

Most all effective, natural joint and arthritis supplements will contain Yucca.  One of our favorites at The Whole Dog is: Artho Aid

Artho Aid is a one-step nutrition supplement for superior joint health and flexibility. Helps relieve joint pain, aids in lubricating joints, anti-inflammatory, calming, helps prevent calcification of soft tissue.

The Herbs in this formula help eliminate pain and inflammation, eliminate acid buildup, lubricate joints, ligaments, tendon, antioxidant and calming properties. Complete Natural System Support.

Fish Cartilage( Natural Chondroitin, Glucosamine), Chuchuhuasi, Green Lipped Mussel, Yucca, Tumeric, Devils Claw, Horsetail,  Dandelion, Celery Seed, Magnolia Bark, Chamomile, Magnesium, Yellow Dock, Ginger.  

For more information or to order, go to http://www.thewholedog.org/arthoaid.html  

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