Your Naturally Reared Puppy

Your Naturally Reared Puppy

A handbook on how to have a healthy, happy puppy naturally

by Dr. Jeannie (Jeanette) Thomason

Update:  revising for editing

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Your Naturally Reared Puppy started out as an Ebook that I put together to send to my new puppy families a week before they came to pick up the puppies.

It is designed to  walk the new puppy family through life with their new naturally reared puppy covering such topics as:

*How to prepare for the new puppy before bringing it home

*Why the puppy was weaned to raw and how to continue on with a raw prey model diet

*How to convert other dogs in the household to raw

*Why the puppy was not vaccinated by the breeder

*What natural immunity is

*And much, much more!