BARF vs SARF Diets For Dogs

Yes, Dogs are Carnivores!


I have been preaching it, writing about it and feeding my own dogs as carnivores for more years than I care to talk about and people are finally beginning to listen and it is making sense to them.  Of course, meanwhile the pet food companies and conventional/allopathic veterinarians have been clinging to and teaching the lie that dogs have evolved to be omnivores and that they actually NEED vegetables and NEED to have their meat cooked at least long enough to kill the bacteria.  More lies and fear mongering since dogs are well equipped to handle bacteria and the threat to us humans is minimal as long as we practice good hygiene and clean up after handling it

I was stumbled upon the following blog post about dogs being carnivores in a most unusual place today and I wanted to share it with you.  This woman gets it and is blogging about it!  Take a look:


Want more facts and information?  Check out the American Council of Animal Naturopathy’s Online course in “Carnivore Nutrition



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