Wysong has recalled some of their dry dog food due to mold

Wysong has recalled some of their dry dog food due to mold.

Established in 1979, Wysong Corporation is one of the true pioneers of natural pet foods and holistic pet health care & nutrition.

While Wysong is a producer of “Natural and Holistic” pet food, this re-call only helps make the point in my recent article: Kibble Is Kibble Is Still Kibble

“The following batches of Wysong Canine Diets Maintenanceâ„¢ and Seniorâ„¢ have shown above acceptable moisture levels and may contain mold.

Wysong Maintenanceâ„¢: lot #: 090617
Wysong Maintenanceâ„¢: lot #: 090624
Wysong Maintenanceâ„¢: lot #: 090706
Wysong Maintenanceâ„¢: lot #: 090720
Wysong Seniorâ„¢: lot #: 090623

We ask that if you have received any of these Wysong products to please not feed them, and contact Wysong for product replacement.

Email: Wysong@Wysong.net
Subject: Product Replacement

Alternatively, please return or exchange at the store from which you purchased the product. Credit will be issued via our Distributors to the Retailer.

We apologize for the inconvenience.” Wysong

I was told the notice was sent to distributors about a week ago. Information about the recall was just posted to their website yesterday.

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