Worming Our Dogs The Whole Dog Approach

Worming Our Dogs – The Whole Dog Approach

Show of hands – or maybe show of comments…  How many of you reading this routinely worm your dog?

Have you ever asked yourself why you would routinely worm your dog whether it had an issue with an over-load of worms or not?

It’s important to understand where the thinking came from that we need to routinely use chemical products to keep our companion animals free of pests and parasites whether we see they are sick or not, “just in case”.

This mentality all goes back to Pasteur’s germ theory of disease, which has driven modern medicine down the road of a drug-based system of suppressing symptoms and attacking pathogens, rather than supporting the body to heal itself.
The conventional approach to pests and parasites is to attack them directly and frequently with toxic chemicals, sometimes even on a weekly or monthly basis and almost always without first checking to see if there is actually a parasite problem in the first place. Whereas a naturopathic/holistic approach sees that when a dog has, let’s say: a high worm load, that it says more about the dog’s health, than it does about the parasite.

The most common early signs of a high worm load/intestinal parasites in puppies are poor growth (stunting), dull hair coat, scrawniness (thin), lack of playful energy and diarrhea. Many of these puppies are potbellied, big tummies. Many are anemic.

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