World’s Oldest Dog?

World's Oldest Dog?  Bella

Bella with owners David Richardson and Daisy Cooper

At 203 in doggie years, is Bella the mongrel the world’s oldest dog ever?  That is about 29 years old in human years and my guess after reading this is that she has lived so long due in part to her diet! 

“ And with most of her teeth missing, she can no longer manage to gnaw on the remnants of a leg of lamb.   Bella has always had a good appetite and she only has the best. She has only got two teeth left so she can only have soft stuff now. So she has shredded chicken and fish and sometimes, boiled liver and best tinned stewing steak, mackerel and sardines.”   Hmmm, what,  no kibble? 

By Chris Brooke  The Daily Mail

The joy of gnawing on a bone is a distant memory and these days the only walkies she can manage is a potter around the garden.

But that’s not bad going considering Bella the Labrador cross is around 29 years old.  That’s 203 if every year of a dog’s life equals seven human years.

The faithful pet is believed to be the world’s oldest living dog and could even be the oldest dog ever.

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  1. Amazing! A great diet really does make a difference. Congrats to Bella! And Bella’s people!

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