Why Should I Buy a Puppy From a Reputable Show Breeder?

I get it all the time – “I just want a pet, I don’t care about showing a dog, it is cheaper to buy a puppy from a regular puppy breeder”. REALLY???

Reputable breeders breed dogs, not for money, but for love of their breed and the furthering of specific breeding goals. They are knowledgeable about correct structure, genetic problems, health concerns, socialization, training, grooming and pedigrees. They know that raising puppies correctly costs more money than can ever be recouped from a small hobby breeding program, and most important, they care about every puppy they raise. You see, healthy, happy, long-lived dogs don’t happen by accident. They are the result of evaluating breeding stock for health, structural soundness and temperment.

Good, reputable breeders love and concern for the puppies they decide to breed begins with early socialization and health care, and continues with potty training, basic manners and then the careful screening of potential homes for each individual puppy based on its personality and temperment. Then, the good breeder follows up by being available to answer questions from the new owners during the years that follow. Reputable show breeders are committed to every puppy they breed for the lifetime of that puppy — which includes taking the puppy back if you are ever unable to keep it.

Lastly but I feel very important is that the commited, reputable breeder will encourage the new puppy familes to continue with socializing and teaching their puppy for the rest of its life. I was happy to learn that all of this is considered to be what Ian Dunbar considers to be “Giving a Puppy A First Chance”. Please read this great article of his from the Dog Star Daily Blog HERE

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