Why Not Feed Your Pet A Raw Diet?

by Dr. Jeannie Thomason co-founder of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy

Not a day goes by that I don’t see people posting on social media or emailing me about their new puppy or kitten already having digestive issues or itchy skin.  The majority of these people have already taken the puppy or kitten to a veterinarian (or several) and spent a lot of money on blood tests, fecal tests, dewormers, antibiotics, probiotics, several different brands of pet food and expensive ingredients to make their own “home cooked” diet.  Sadly, all to no avail.  

They are desperately looking for a way to help their beloved, new companion be healthy.  They are asking what brand of food their friends or animal naturopath or holistic veterinarian might recommend, or if supplements might be the answer and if so, which ones are the best? 

The majority of people who contact me regarding how to solve their companion animal’s digestive issues or skin disorders, are always the ones who have “tried everything  already but nothing is working”.   My first question for them is:  “Have you considered feeding a raw diet? ” 

I get varied responses to that question but honestly, most of the responses are that they “have not considered such a “drastic” thing until now” – when nothing else is helping and apparently everything that they are trying is making the health issues worse.  They  are now desperate and ask me how feeding a raw species specific diet could possibly help with digestive issues or itchy skin, chronic ear infections, etc. in their dogs.

I guess I am still in awe of how many people can still somehow believe that feeding a processed pet food is feeding a proper diet to their dogs and/or cats.

Would YOU like to know more about how to resolve digesitve issues and skin disorders?  How to have a healthy, thriving pet?  Our online Holistic Wellness For Dogs Course may be just what you are looking for, the goal of the course is to educate you on how to properly implement a species appropriate raw diet in your dog’s life,  along with naturopathic/holistic principles to promote health and vitality in your canine companion. This program will also empower you to take responsibility and make informed decisions about your dog’s health.  Saving you money and stress with fewer veterinary bills.

This program will be your guide, step by step!  

For more information on the Holisitc Wellness For Dogs program, Go Here

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