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As an animal naturopath, I am often asked “what exactly is Animal Naturopathy? ”

The word naturopathy may be a new word to many of you.  However, the philosophy and practice of naturopathy is as old as dirt and has been around since the fall of Adam and Eve.

The definition of naturopathy is a philosophy and system of prevention of dis-ease. Animal naturopathy emphasizes the use of nature encompassed in the laws of nature (or laws of health) to spark the immune system and assist the body in bringing itself back into balance and health.

Animal naturopathy is true health care, it is all about preventing illness from ever coming into existence in the first place by building and supporting the vital force/immune system within the body and keeping the animal thriving – not just surviving.

When illness is manifesting itself, the use of nature’s laws and remedies are then put into use for the express purpose of assisting the body in putting itself back into a harmonious balance (health) and then maintaining that health/balance.

Naturopathy sees illness, particularly an acute illness as the body working to remove “morbid matter”, cleaning house so to speak, balancing itself, getting things back into harmonious working condition. The “symptoms” that are noticeable are simply signals that the body is working to eliminate what ever is causing the imbalance.  Unlike conventional veterinary medicine or even so called holistic or alternative care that “treats” the symptoms, animal naturopathy uses the symptoms and the over-all state of the animal as a road map to the root cause of the symptoms and works with nature to aid the body’s efforts to rid its self of the cause of the illness and restore balance and health.

The cornerstone of naturopathy is proper, species specific nutrition. What we feed our companion animals is critical to keeping their immune system’s strong and in balance. Naturopathy is about understanding our animal’s true/wild nature and honoring that rather than forcing them to eat processed foods that are not able to be properly digested and then become treated as toxins in their body. That said, species specific nutrition is the foundation but not the end all, be all – all of the laws of nature/health need to be brought into play.

Naturopathy is encompassing all of nature’s laws (proper nutrition, rest, fresh air, sunshine, regular exercise, pure fresh water and trust or faith in divine power)and utilizing natural remedies (essential oils, homeopathy, herbs, massage, etc.) when needed .

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