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Dr. Jeannie Thomason, Certified Animal Naturopath with a doctorate in veterinary naturopathy

“I am here for the dog, to help them get a better deal!”

Legendary horse trainer Ray Hunt always opened every clinic or symposium he held same way, announcing: “I’m here for the horse, to help him get a better deal.”

I want to see dogs “get a better deal”.  I promote looking at the health care and relationships with our dogs from the dog’s perspective. My focus is on putting the dog’s needs first by taking a “wholistic” or naturopathic approach and honoring him as the species he is – a dog and a carnivore. Honoring the dog as such is by far the best gift you can give him.

While I am a lover of all animal species: canine, feline, equine & avian, my focus and passion at this time in my life is on the canine.

The truly holistic or naturopathic philosophy and approach that I live by, looks at and works with “the whole animal”, in a natural way that addresses their minds as well as their bodies. Natural health/wellness is about igniting the body’s own internal healing force and stimulating its natural abilities to heal itself.

To just eliminate a symptom is NOT the same as elimination of the cause of the mental or physical dis-ease that produced that symptom or symptoms in the first place.

I am not a veterinarian but a teacher. I do not heal dis-ease, but rather, offer information that can help you make educated decisions for the true health of your companion canine’s mind and body.

I am dedicated to educating and hopefully inspiring others to provide a more natural and truly healthy environment for their dogs while building a stronger bond with their canine companions.

When choosing to bring a dog into our lives, it should only be done with a total commitment to a long term, healthy relationship with them – caring for them in as natural, non-forceful and stress free way possible, allowing them to be dogs but with the ability to live in our human world.

For those who have only ever known conventional pet care methods, the natural approach may at first seem to go against almost everything you know. This is because conventional methods have been developed from the human perspective and always based on “treating” symptoms and some kind of force.

As an animal naturopathic practitioner, my goal is to help you detect the root of the cause of your pet’s physical and/or mental problems and how to cooperate with nature’s laws of health to assist your dog’s mind and body (immune system) to re-balance and then maintain health.

Naturopathy is not a single modality of healing, but lifestyle that incorporates nature’s array of healing modalities, including nutrition; aromatherapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy; hydrotherapy or other natural modalities.

Lots of people talk to animals; Not very many listen though; that’s the problem. ~ Benjamin Hoff