Wash ‘n Zip beds are UNIQUE!

Wash ‘n Zip beds are THE cleanest and most economical dog bed/pet bed or crate pad ever! They are COMPLETELY washable!


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Wash ‘n Zip beds are the only one-piece, fully and easily-launderable pet bed on the market!
Every other pet bed on the market is either non-washable, or only partially washable.

Some other beds may have removable cloth covers that can be laundered, but the inside quickly becomes dirty, smelly and unsanitary. Your dog’s get dirty and smelly, and they sometimes have accidents. All of that dirt, odor, and urine will penetrate the outer covering of your regular pet bed and soil the interior of other pet beds.

The Wash’n Zip Pet Bed’s unique one-piece design zips up to form a warm, fluffy, comfortable bed for your dog. When it becomes dirty, it easily unzips and fits conveniently in your household washer and dryer (no pads to remove, no cumbersome covers)!

With Wash’n Zip beds, the focus is on quality- with  a reliable, sturdy product that is built to last.  Because it features rugged materials, quality stitching, and a heavy duty zipper, it should withstand dozens of cycles in your washer and dryer.

Your Wash‘n Zip Pet Bed features multiple layers of fluffy cushion, so your pet will love how comfortable it feels.  The top layer is made of a soft, plush material that your pet will find warm and cozy.

The inside consists of sheets of polyester batting (many dog beds are stuffed with loose filling…that’s why they get lumpy when laundered) which is sewn into the seams and box-stitched which holds the interior padding in place.  This keeps the Wash ‘n Zip from getting lumpy and disfigured, so your bed will keep its original shape over time.  The quality zipper slides easily, so reassembling is fast and effortless.

Because you can easily launder your entire Wash‘n Zip Pet Bed, it is absolutely THE cleanest pet bed on the market.  It’s especially useful if your pets suffers from incontinence.

Multiple Uses & Benefits:

  • Saves Money – Because it can be cleaned repeatedly, one Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed will save you from having to purchase new beds when they become soiled, smelly and dirty.
  • Crate Pad – We chose the dimensions of your Wash’n Zip Pet Bed to fit the majority of pet crates on the market, so it can also be used as a crate pad.
  • Car Seat Cover – When travelling with your pet, simply unfold your Wash’n Zip Pet Bed and use it as a car seat cover.
  • Furniture Throw – Protect your furniture at home by unfolding your Wash’n Zip Pet Bed and covering your sofa or chairs.
  • Blanket – Some pets like to be covered when they sleep, so unfold your Wash’n Zip Pet Bed to use as a comfortable blanket.
  • Flea Prevention – Flea eggs and larva may penetrate the cover of a typical pet bed and infest the inside.  However, the ENTIRE Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed is laundered, which destroys fleas, plus their eggs and larva.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Stop discarding old foam pet beds, which will be dumped in landfills.  One Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed can last a lifetime since it can be laundered over and over again.
  • Odor Control – Wash and dry your Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed as often as you want, which keeps your bed fresh and clean.
  • Great Gift – The Wash’n Zip Pet Bed is a great gift idea for your friends and family who love their pets.



5 SIZES 5 Colors

(Prices include shipping and handling within the continental United States)


X-SMALL BED (20″ X 14″)    Including Shipping & Handling:   $51.99

SMALL BED (24″ X 18″)         Including Shipping & Handling    $66.99

MEDIUM BED (32″ X 24″)     Including Shipping & Handling    $84.99

LARGE BED (40″ X 28″)        Including Shipping & Handling    $102.99

X-LARGE BED (48″ X 34″)   Including Shipping & Handling    $109.99


Wash ‘N Zip Pet Bed Size Folded/Zipped Dimensions Unfolded/Unzipped Dimensions
X-Small (two fold) 20″ x 14″ 40″ x 28″
Small (two fold) 24″ x 18″ 48″ x 36″
Medium (two fold) 32″ x 24″ 64″ x 48″
Large (single fold) 40″ x 28″ 56″ x 40″
X-large (single fold) 48″ x 34″ 68″ x 48″

See pictures of  colors samples above –


Oatmeal Sherpa  

Animal Print  

Pearl Gray  

Dark Chocolate Brown


Wash ‘N Zip Bed




Do you have a puppy or adult dog that likes to chew on their bed?  The Puppy Proofer is just what you need for your Wash N Zip bed!


  • Helps keep chew-happy dogs from damaging their Wash’n Zip Pet Bed.
  • Pillow sham style cover made to protect the most vulnerable parts of the bed (the zipper and corners)
  • Helps keep actual bed cleaner for less frequent washes
  • Perfect cover for damaged Wash ‘n Zip Beds since it keeps the bed together and makes it look brand new!

Made to fit the Wash N Zip Beds

Extra Small   $10.99

Small              $13.99

Medium         $16.99

Large              $19.99

Extra Large  $22.99

There is no extra charge for shipping if bought with a Wash’N Zip bed (at the same time)  Otherwise, shipping is $10.00 if bought alone.


Puppy Proof Cover





(for extra support and padding for older or large breed dogs)

Cushion can be placed in-between the un-zipped folds and then zipped up for extra padding and support.


Wash’n Zip Pet Bed Comfort Cushion (Large) $15.99
Flat Size: 37″x25″


Wash’n Zip Pet Bed Comfort Cushion (Extra Large) $17.99
Flat Size: 45″x32″

There is no extra charge for shipping if bought with a Wash’N Zip bed (at the same time)  Otherwise, shipping is $10.00 if bought alone.


Comfort Cushion Size



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