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As the weather gets chilly, we people start thinking of ways to stay warm. We get out the comforters, extra blankets, and bring out our warmer clothes – Many dog breeds lack an under-coat of hair to keep them insulated when the temperatures drop, and they benefit from bedding to stay comfortable and beat the cold. And let’s face it, most all dogs enjoy having their own beds.

More and more “dog parents” are giving their canine companiions a bed of their own, in fact, it is one of the top things dog owners are doing more often in recent years. Increasingly, beds top the list of holiday presents we give to our dogs.

If you’re considering a replacement or first-time bed for your dog this season, you’ll be in good company with those who have recognized the value of dog beds for our cherished companions. Here are some top four reasons to give your dog a bed this year:

1. Secure and happy dogs: Most dogs have a den-making urge, and a bed helps your dog feel more secure with a space of their own. Dogs can be quite sensitive to territory, and giving them their own special area can provide them with a place of sanctuary when they feel tired or emotionally stressed.

2. Extra support and comfort: Particularly for older dogs, a bed can insure better sleep by giving extra support and comfort to aching muscles and stiff joints. With their slower metabolism, older dogs may have difficulty regulating body temperature, so providing a source of additional warmth can make a difference in how restful their sleep time can be.

3. Better dog hair containment: There are also practical considerations for the human members of the household. Many dogs prefer sleeping in a bed of their own, and will be less likely to sleep or nap on furniture. When dogs use their bed as their primary sleeping space, there is less dog hair and dander all over the house to clean up or to be breathed in by the family.

4. More great choices: There are more great dog bedding options than ever before, with great beds made from all-natural materials like organic cotton and natural hemp, to sleeping pockets/snuggle sacks for smaller dogs that like to burrow under covers.

Your dog sleeps a lot – make sure their bed is ideal for them by seeing what great beds and snuggle sacks The Whole Dog’s Slumber Shop has to offer.

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