Vaccine Safety – letter to Center For Veterinary Biologics

The following email was sent out from Patricia Jordan, DVM, VND; to the Center for Veterinary Biologics about the vaccine debacle. It was written in support of the many letters that Elizabeth Hart of Australia has done with her group trying to stop the unscientific advocation of vaccines without cause…..onto the public and into their companion animals.

Dr Jordan asked that this email and the government email addresses she sent this to be available “for all of the public whom care about this situation and to weigh into the government whom seems to do whatever they want. Let them know we are no longer asleep to this situation!”

Received: Friday, 30 April, 2010, 1:12 AM


I too as a veterinarian practicing for 25 years would like to know why we can not have access to these safety studies as Ms. Hart is referring. I myself have spent the past 10 years looking at vaccine damage in our vaccinated companion animals and the last 2 years tracing the pathology of the damage to vaccines. The entire paradigm of vaccine safety, the lack of testing for genetic damage, carcinogenic damage, teratogenic damage and even the changing of gene profile expression seems to be lacking scientific references that assure vaccine safety. Missing as well are the in depth environmental epidemiological studies that would even support statements that the vaccine was necessary or effective
in the address of disease rates.

The lack of non conflict studies is appalling and the public should simply not have to consider anything done by the corporations whom stand to profit from their submission of conflicted material. Without independent testing or open and transparent oversight, the studies that are “said to exist” or might be hiding from public inspection in the caverns of the corporations whom profit so handsomely from vaccine promotions are more evidence of healthy manipulation than of scientific evidence based medicine. Also the lack of a robust functional post marketing surveillance system for tracking vaccine adverse events is the cornerstone of safety in allowing the release of biologicals onto any population. We certainly do not have a functional reliable system in place.

Seeing how little corporate responsibility and integrity exists today and noting well the collusion of government protection in the revolving door of government policy making and then off to work in the very same industry they previously made policy over, seeing how Dr. Hampshire was treated when she tried to perform due diligence in her duties over the Fort Dodge recall of the ProHeart 6 product, seeing with my own eyes hundreds of animals monthly presenting with adverse events following vaccinations that continue to get swept under the rug and not reported…..I too am demanding a response. Not only for Ms. Hart but for all of the public whom are every single day advised to vaccinate their pets, without full disclosure and without informed consent. I see the unscientific and non evidence based practice of vaccination as a tool to manipulate the health of populations into immune system dys regulation and the increase of autoimmune disease, immune mediated diseases and immune suppression diseases as well as hyper immune responses.

It is clear to me from the AVMA paper published in 1973 in the JAVMA that yearly or even every three year vaccines were not required to successfully prevent disease in our companion animals. For there to be no science to back up the recommendation to start vaccinating yearly is as ridiculous as is the recommendations that animals require vaccines every three years. The truth is none of these required environmental epidemiological studies were ever done to support the use of any vaccines. If this statement is not true then show us the beef!

Patricia Jordan, DVM

This email correspondence will be held to mass mail to a very large professional veterinary list serves if necessary to engage a much larger population of professionals into looking more critically into the subject of vaccine safety.

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