Vaccine Induced Disease & Compromised Immune Systems

Vaccine Induced Disease & Compromised Immune Systems in Our Pets (and other companion animals)

What’s that you say? Aren’t vaccines supposed to “protect” our animals (and children) from disease? How could vaccines induce disease?

This is surely what we have all been indoctrinated into believing over the years. But where are the studies, the research the proof?  There is NONE!  Nothing that shows vaccines to be safe, let alone effective!

Vaccine induced disease and compromised immune systems in our companion animals and children are common side effects of vaccinations.

Daily, animal naturopaths, natural animal health coaches and even some veterinarians are seeing quite the opposite of disease free animals. The deeper one delves into the only study and research, you will see how vaccines actually compromise the immune system and even impact genetic control over disease expression.

In the last 40 years, more and more dogs and cats (and even companion birds) are presenting with yeast infections, allergies, atopy, autoimmune diseases, organ failure, neurological and behavioral problems, cancer and premature death! What do all these companion animals have common with each other?

They have all been faithfully vaccinated and “boostered”!

Friend and colleague, Dr Patricia Jordan states the following:
“In evolution the survival advantage imposed by an extremely reactive immune system is jeopardized if that system turns against the host and causes “self” destruction.

Vaccination is an abnormal pathogen presented in an abnormal route (injection) and influences the entire immune system in an unnatural way, leading to unnatural evolutionary selection where the results are dys-regulation of the immune system, disruption of TH1 bias, atrophy of mucosal, increased inflammation, loss of specification and control.

Vaccination dysregulates the immune system and genetically impacts the HLA (MHC) leading to an abnormal expression of disease susceptibility. The vaccine is no more a reflection of the actual environmental challenges faced by those vaccinated than the now dysregulated immune system is a reflection of intelligent design or natural selection.

Vaccines are genotoxic; corrupted genomes are leading to the loss of the organic self. Vaccines are responsible for autoimmune, cancer, Type I-IV reactions, allergies, asthma, atopy anaphylaxis, eczema, organ failure, neurological, behavioral disease and death.[List is not complete] Vaccine disease is the root of dys-regulated immune systems and the dys-regulated immune response.”

Read Dr Jordan’s entire paper: HERE

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