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Over the past 18 years I’ve studied extensively, written and discussed profusely, the topic of canine and feline vaccinations. After this much study, I would venture to say there is a more ominous danger, even more dangerous than how they overload various physiologic systems, how they trigger latent inherited tendencies, how they are often unnecessary and frequently ineffective. The danger lies in our thought processes, conditioned and fearful, around the topic of acute illness, chronic disease and the natural rhythms of life and death.

The purpose of a vaccination is to stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies. These antibodies can be quantifiably measured by a blood test called an antibody titer. In the event of an exposure to a virus, bacteria or other foreign invader, the body will have available antibodies, waiting to immobilize the perpetrator, keeping us out of harms way. Theoretically, this makes some sense, but there is no free ride!

So, during the vaccination process we are injecting the body with altered viruses (altered to make them less able to cause clinical disease) asking the body to produce antibodies and therefore mimic, immunologically, the clinical disease. The body then thinks it there has been an invasion and will produce antibodies to annihilate this “invader”. This is as if we were asking the body to respond in a mild way to a mild invasion. This is a bit like “lite” beer. We could call this “infection lite”! The problem is that what is created is a low level of “infection” (defined by the immune stimulation and production of antibodies) to rabies, distemper, lyme, leptospirosis, etc, etc, etc. May I suggest that if you are in a low level form of rabies, parvo or distemper, west nile or influenza, you are not in a high level state of health! They cannot mutually exist.

Combined with these low, sub-clinical forms of these diseases the body must concurrently detoxify the other substances that are in many vaccinations. These include: thymersol (a mercury compound), formalin (from formaldehyde) and aluminum. In far too many instances animals are manifesting symptoms of toxicity from these substances. Rarely, very rarely are these recognized as such.

Additional “allergic” situations can occur because of the proprietary proteins added to the vaccines, intended to create a non-specific allergic stimulation. Animals who constantly bite their feet, have terrible eczema, yeasty ears, infected anal sacs, chronic eye discharges, poor hair coats, excessive hair loss, gingivitis, premature graying and the like, could have signs of vaccinosis, illness caused by vaccines?

Little is heard of the dying Louis Pasteur, who on his deathbed, recanted his germ theory and concurred with his contemporary Dr. Beaucamp, that it was not the agent that caused disease, but the health of the terrain. Pasteur’s own son, who died at the ripe old age of 20 years, had been given repeated vaccinations by his father. We are delighted he was a scientist of great integrity and was able to review his life work with such criticism and then attempt to correct his previous thinking. Apparently the fathers of modern medicine did not read his last works.

The practice of yearly vaccinations started in 1959 after an outbreak of distemper in vaccinated puppies. Instead of checking antibody titers, this yearly technique became a standard of practice that still exists today in many places.

Although questioned by holistic practitioners it wasn’t until 1992 when this practice was readdressed by leading immunologists from the University of Wisconsin. There is no scientific reason for yearly vaccinations. Period. It is my strong belief that any repeated vaccination after 12 weeks of age is not only not necessary, but frequently counterproductive and all too often, dangerous.

In the last 30 years or so, the level of chronic disease has skyrocketed. Animals are not living longer. A dog is now considered old at 6 years, a cat at 9 years. This absurd standard is beyond belief when many of us can remember our childhood dogs that lived to be 15 or 20. A cat should live without chronic disease to be 25 or 30 years. Even large dogs can live to be 15-20 years. Even purebreds should be living much longer than their current ages. These may seem like lofty expectations, but I assure you they are not impossible and actually quite easy to obtain.

So we have decided that we will not allow any acute disease to manifest. But have we realized that our decision to stop all acute diseases, even non life threatening ones, has reared the ugly head of chronic, and often life threatening disease? Do we realize that because the speed at which animals procreate contributes to the amplification and multiplication of the chronic disease we now see worsening with each year. If we are choosing to prevent all acute disease, even the non-life threatening ones then the price we pay for messing with mother nature is evident. We will and have created more chronic manifestations of these acute diseases that were often illnesses that thinned the population and created survival of the fittest. We don’t see hardly any rabies at all but canine aggression is epidemic. We only see distemper is very specific areas (many veterinarians have never seen it), but parvo virus appeared with a vengeance after yearly vaccinations for ten years or so. We only see parvo virus in the very young or compromised ones, but inflammatory bowel disease is rampant. The list goes on and on.

I recently read a book called “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life”. I’d like to write a book called “Change Your Mind, Change Your Animals’ Life”. With appropriate education about the true nature of preventative health care, educated use of vaccines, followed by humane legislation to protect the animals equally with the humans, I am quite sure the suffering we are currently experiencing would subside dramatically.

This article has been used with permission from Dr. Dee Blanco and may not be used without her express written consent.

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