Update on Victoria – rescued St. Bernard that was beaten on Christmas Eve

Victoria From Hooves & Paws Rescue

UPDATE ON VICTORIA 01-05-08  Victoria was operated on 01-04-08 (11) days after the beating she suffered during the break in at our rescue facility Christmas Eve 2007.  Under the advise of our Vet we were told we needed to wait until the swelling had a chance to go down before we did anything. The swelling did not going down in her head and eye like we had hoped. These pictures show her after the surgery 01-04-08. Our Vet operated because he wanted to make sure at this point that a blood clot had not formed.  What he found when surgery was performed is a large amount of tissue damage above the eye and in the head. He also said she is lucky to be alive after the severe blow she took to the eye and head. She is home again healing and we will watch her for the next few days and if the swelling continues or does not go down they will need to operate again and remove this large mass that has formed.  Our Vet said we want to avoid this if possible because of the large area involved that will need to be removed.  Please pray with us so the swelling goes down and our girl starts to heal.

Listen to the whole story HERE on The Dog View Show.

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