Update On Johnny

Jan 6th 

Hi Jeannie,
Unfortunately, there has been no major leads in regard to Johnny as of today. The owners continue to get some telephone calls, but the leads have not panned out YET. New fliers, have been printed and distributed today at churches. Pastors have included messages in their sermons. Schools tomorrow will be getting the new fliers as well. The authorities continue their work along with a Private Investigator. Many types of behind the scene things are being tried. The owners are dedicated and relentless in their efforts for Johnny. Everyday brings new attempts and new things to be tried. There have been some cruel telephone messages along with some leads that were not truthful, so it remains a roller coaster ride of emotions. One thing remains constant, love, faith and hope that there will be a Happy Reunion someday.
Thank you for your support and continued interest in Johnny and in the search for him. It is heartwarming that so many are still there in spirit for Johnny and his owners. I appreciate everything you have done and will say a prayer of thanks for your help. My best to all of you.

Johnny’s owners are offering a $5,000 reward for his safe return, ABSOLUTELY no questions asked!! Just help bring him home safe to the family that loves him.  For more information and pictures of Johnny go to: http://www.k9adventure.com/johnny.html 

and hear the “A Dog’s View Radio Show” at: http://www.Blogtalkradio.com/thedogview/2007/12/22/Bring-Johnny-Home-for-Christmas

Please Keep Johnny and his owners/family in your prayers and share this with EVERYONE! 

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  1. I am praying everyday for the safe return of your wonderful pet.

    Each time I look at his picture it brings tears to my eyes.

    Please don’t give up. Prayers are very powerful tools.

    Genea Stoops
    Hooves & Paws Rescue, Inc.
    “A Place To Heal”
    In Glenwood, IA

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