Update on Blossom The Bloodhound

Blossom enjoying the pool at Hooves & Paws Rescue

June 17, 2008

Blossom had her initial check up at our Vet.  X-Rays were taken of her leg, a complete exam was performed and blood was drawn for testing.  Our Vet confirmed that her Tibia & Fibula had been broken previously and the leg had not been set and should have been.  Because of this the leg has started to heal and it is bowed out.  He does not think it would be a good idea to attempt surgery to straighten & fix the leg at this time. She will spend another month or so at the rescue and get some good puppy food and supplements and then she will be checked again to see how the leg is healing. We will make a decision at that time what steps we will take regarding her leg. Although she loves all the dogs at the rescue, Blossom’s best buddy so far seems to be Fast Freddie! 

We want to thank everyone for their continued support, volunteer hours, kind words and encouragement for the work we do at our rescue facility. Because of you we can continue this Labor Of Love saving animals that need a place to call home. 
Some for a month, some for a year and others for a lifetime. 
Bill & Genea Stoops
Hooves & Paws Rescue, Inc.
A Place To Heal
In Glenwood, IA

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