Some of you long time readers of Whole Dog News may well remember the piece I blogged a few years ago.  Here is the link to the post/article titled “Why Were Raw Diets Banned From Delta Society??” to refresh your memory or to read for the first time: https://thewholedog.com/why-were-raw-diets-banned-from-delta-society/   

Today I want to share some enlightening and interesting updated news with you about the AVMA’s policy which was approved in 2012 , just two years after the Delta Society Pet Partners stand on not allowing raw fed dogs to participate in their programs came out.  The policy states that: “The AVMA discourages the feeding to cats and dogs of any animal-source protein that has not first been subjected to a process to eliminate pathogens because of the risk of illness to cats and dogs as well as humans.”   Evidently, there was such a big uproar over the Delta Society’s policy that the Delta Society contacted the Animal Welfare Division of the AVMA and inquired as to whether or not the AVMA had a policy addressing raw feeding, primarily due to concerns about therapy animals being fed raw diets.  Of course, at that time, they did not have a policy on the subject. The Animal Welfare Division staff then contacted the AVMA Council on Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine (CPHRVM) and notified them of the inquiry. The CPHRVM discussed the matter and felt that the AVMA should have a science-based policy addressing the public health risks of raw food.

So they came up their policy all on their own based on the public health risk to humans (and supposedly to pets as well), and not based on nutritional comparisons, health benefits, or economic factors.  Interesting right?

How many of you were aware at that time that the request from the Delta Society Pet Partners to come up with a policy in the first place was due to its connection with Purina?  And did you know that the Delta Society did its own study two years EARLIER involving 40 raw fed dogs and 156 kibble fed dogs?   They even published the results of their findings in the stool samples of the dogs in the study.  You can find the results in my post Delta Society Pet Partners stand on not allowing raw fed dogs.  Interestingly enough,  by the Delta Society’s own admission, dry fed (kibble) dogs carry higher amounts of three of the five bacteria shed in their feces that were listed, and that two of them -MRSA and C.diff, being far more prevalent in the stools of dry fed dogs being of significant health concern due to the fact that they are frequently transmitted in hospitals and care facilities with growing frequency, severity and resistance to treatment. Why do they still to this day allow kibble fed dogs in their therapy programs but ban raw fed dogs? 

The facts are out there for everyone to see IF they have eyes to see.

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