Toxic Chemicals And Dogs – Deadly Canine Cancer Connection

We have been talking a lot about the dangers of toxic chemical use around, on and in our canine companions.

I have written articles about the dangers of toxic chemicals (both household/indoor chemicals and outdoor chemicals) and I wanted to bring even more facts on the dangers of outdoor toxic chemicals to the front of your mind this week.

Just yesterday, (August 9th, 2017) we touched a little bit on this subject in our Animal Talk Naturally Podcast:

“Into The Wild To Shine The Light”  You can listen to the recorded show here:

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post titled “Lush Lawn Or Thriving Dog

Now, The Dog Place News has released the following article of great interest:  “We all take pride in our well tended lawns but if you also love your dog you will want to read this 2017 news about lawn treatments, the ever-increasing array of pesticides and the ever-rising lymphoma cancer rate in people and their pets.”

Read the article:  Malignant Lymphoma In The Canine



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