Total Wellness For Pets – Online Health Program

Total Wellness For Pets Program

Would you like to learn how to help the dogs and/or cats in your care live a  naturally happier, healthier and longer life while having fewer visits to the veterinarian?

Great program for new pet owners, breeders, trainers and groomers

Available online, on demand, no time limits. No need to disturb the cat sleeping in your lap or the dog on your feet – just log in when you want to and experience professional, holistic pet care education.

*Learn the whys and how to of feeding a raw species appropriate diet to your dogs and cats
*Learn how to build and boost your dog’s (or cat’s) Immune system
*Learn how to switch out your toxic chemical cleaners, flea & tick pesticides, etc.  for all natural, health building products
*Learn about detoxing and natural healing for your pet’s body, mind and spirit
*And more!

Total Wellness For Pets Program

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