To Vaccinate or Not? That is the Question part 3

This week on Animal Talk Naturally our good friend, veterinarian Dr. Stephen Blake (aka The Pet Whisperer) joins us for the conclusion of the three-part series he has conducted with us on VACCINES. Listen Here:

  Part one and two can be heard here:

Part I

Part II

This has been an eye-opening, candid series of seminars that Dr. Blake  and Animal Talk Naturally’s Hosts,  Dr Kim Bloomer and Dr Jeannie Thomason are very passionate about!

“When you hear fear knocking at your door, ask Faith to open it and no one will be there.” That is what I say to my clients when they are having a problem deciding what to do based on fear. ~ Dr. Stephen Blake

Show  Part 3 Synopsis:

1. Informed Consent
2. Think Integrative
3. Animals don’t have to be right
4. The Ultimate Goal
5. Optimum cell replication
6. Awaken the Doctor Within
7. Microphobia
8. Susceptibility
9. Urban Legends
10. Animals don’t judge
11. Options
12. Power of One

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