Thunderphobia and ZeoLife

Recently my best friend and co-founder with me of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy – Dr. Kim Bloomer shared with me, her work with a client whose dog had severe thunder phobia.

This was a great testimony and I wanted to share this you all.

The naturopathic protocol that has totally changed this dog’s life was simply switching to a raw meaty bone diet in place of a commercial raw (which usually has vegetables and added non-species appropriate supplements in it).  She also suggested giving some bovine colostrum to the to support his immune system, and because vaccine damage was suspected,  she encouraged the client to give the dog a product called  ZeoLife – now called ZeoLove to aid in detoxing.

The client also was diffusing some Young Living essential oils to help keep the dog calm. However it is the ZeoLove and the diet change that we believe was the biggest support to the dog’s immune system and removing the heavy metals and other toxins that most likely came from the vaccines.”

We are finding that many “noise phobia’s are a result of vaccinations.   I wrote about this a few years ago, here is a link to that article/post:

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