There IS another way -Animal Naturopathy

There IS Another Way! – Animal Naturopathy

By Dr. Jeannie Thomason

Many are becoming more and more aware that allopathic/conventional veterinary medicine no longer seems to make the cut; it doesn’t really fix or  “cure” the underlying health issues that our pets are facing. Veterinary medicine focuses on treating the symptoms by dishing out the so-called “quick fix or magic bullet” to get what appears at first glance to be immediate results! The trouble is, that the medications never cure, they only suppress or mask the symptoms as they trick the brain and the immune system into thinking all is well.   Once you stop giving the medication, the symptoms just come back again and again only worse and worse. Allopathic or conventional veterinary medicine doesn’t take the whole animal into account – it never has!

Most veterinarians simply don’t know any better – they only know what they were taught and that is to “treat” or palliate the symptoms; that is all they know to do.

Veterinarians are taught disease management with little or no instruction in species specific nutrition or the other laws of true wellness.  This of course leads to many of the health problems and chronic dis-ease seen today in veterinary practice today.

There is another way to help your pets achieve and maintain health: Animal Naturopathy.

Naturopathy addresses the whole animal and seeks to prevent health issues in the first place.  Naturopathy works with laws of nature/health  to spark the immune system back into balance and the body into harmonic function.

A simple example of caring for an animal naturopathically, would be switching their diet from a processed pet food to a naturally balanced, highly nutritious, raw, species specific diet and possibly use a natural healing modality such as aromatherapy, herbs, body work or homeopathy to raise the electrical frequency of the body and boost the immune system.

Naturopathy investigates all aspects of lifestyle and recommends changes accordingly. Its practitioners take into account that most illnesses and dis-eases arise from an association between physical, emotional, nutritional, and environmental experiences.

By addressing the relationship between all these aspects of an animal’s life, brings the whole picture into focus and assists in bringing the animal’s entire life back into balance and wellness.

Every case, every animal is different due to all of the above mentioned factors. However, by using nature to restore and maintain health, the financial costs are less and the benefits are real. The healing power in nature trumps all of man’s feeble attempts via chemical concoctions any day!

Interested in knowing more about animal naturopathy and how you can apply it to your pet’s life?

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