The Rabies Challenge

Dr. Jean DoddsKris Christine

Dr. Dodds and Kris Christine , fouonders of the Rabies Challenge Fund joined my dear friend Kim Bloomer and myself on our weekly Animal Talk Naturally show this week.    This show is a MUST listen to!  


1. Comparative medicine
2. Wholism
3. Parvo origins
4. Vaccine protocols
5. HemoPet
6. The Rabies Challenge
7. No definitive study for YEARLY vaccines
8. The side effects
9. For the love of Meadow
10. Harsh standards for our pets
11. Legislators woefully uninformed
12. Informed pet owners for improvement
13. Do vets annually vaccinate THEIR pets?
14. Humane and ethical?
15. The adjuvants
16. The Rabies Challenge Fund

Please Click HERE to hear the entire show.

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