The horrific results of allowing the unnecessary vaccination of companion animals to continue

The Horrific Results of Allowing The Unnecessary Vaccination of Companion Animals to Continue

The veterinarian that put this together asked to not have their name linked to this because: “The dogs tell their own story and the history of malpractice belongs to a vet, whom isn’t pointed out but there are plenty others doing the same thing!”

Something very difficult needs to be done to bring the facts directly to the front seat of the companion owning public about what is happening as a result of allowing the unregulated malpractice of over vaccination. This is even worse than just ethical violations. Hundreds of thousands of humans are loosing their companion animals from the callous disregard of advocating for the unscientific and unsafe and unnecessary vaccine administration.


The first dog was vaccinated every single year even when experiencing blood in the urine and a 21 pound weight loss, received vaccines at the same time on chemotherapy to attempt to down regulate and over reactive humoral immune system from all the damn vaccines.
The dog was put on so many antibiotics, steroids and chemotherapy agents and still vaccinated. As the dog sickened the woman owner had to get another job in order to keep up with the drugs and veterinary visits used to try and “treat” the vaccine induced disease, the dysregulation of the immune system so that the dog was finally euthanized…..this is what happens every single day in vet clinics across the US as a result of over vaccination and suppression with drugs like antibiotics and chemotherapy agents. You can read some of the outrageous malpractice the vet in Massachusetts subjected that poor dog to.

Here is the summary of the above dogs records I had to look through when she presented in that state:

Togo was plenty vaccinated as a puppy receiving what we commonly refer to the ‘mumbo jumbo’ every month for three administrations. I will attach the article from Dr. Ron Schultz that states why the animals should not be subjected to mumbo jumbo, what Dr. Jean Dodds refers to as whombo combo (having multiple live and killed virus with bacterins, and mercury and adjuvants, along with preservatives, antibiotics, fungi stats all in the whombo combo. It is a very cheap and dirty form of bargain basement technology for making vaccines.

Many times Togo received the whombo combos with rabies which is the most reactive vaccine and also with Lyme vaccines. She was often administered steroids at the same time which is contra indicated, the vaccines are immunosuppressive and so are the steroids, so what was the thought process behind was attempted to be accomplished?

Dr. Ron Schultz has stated many times along with Dr. Richard Ford and others, they don’t like, they don’t recommend the Lepto vaccines. Dr. Ron Schultz states that the reactivity associated with the Lepto vaccine can make a patient very itchy for four years despite the fact that the vaccine is incapable of guarding the vaccinate against infection by Leptospira, Furthermore, if the dog was to develop a Leptospira infection to one of the serovars transmissible to man, the owner would be at greater risk of suffering a Leptospira infection because the dog was vaccinated!

It is obvious that the owner of the dog was never given Informed Consent to sign and Never given Full Disclosure of what these vaccines would do, neither that the vaccines are able to generate at the least 7 to 10 years of the immunity duration against the only real threats of distemper and parvovirus.

. Dr. Ron Schultz has proven this information and only recommends vaccination a one time at 15 weeks of age for dogs and to only distemper, adenovirus and parvovirus.

.It is proven that IgE hypersensitivity results and the animals has ability to suffer much greater allergies as a result of being vaccinated, I can send the studies that determine not only this but that the thyroid is suppressed as a result of vaccinations for at least 45 days following vaccination, along with immunosupression as a result of the vaccinations and the exhaustion of the multiple administered mumbo jumbo……well, real disease.

I see the vaccines administered in 98,99,02,03,04,05,06,07 and 08
WAY too much and always it appears in direct violation of the FDA requirements that the animal to be vaccinated is HEALTHY and not suffering DISEASE.

In 05 was vaccinated with disease and even given antibiotics at the same time. Rabies vaccines cause auto-immune disease, antibiotics cause auto-immune disease, and then we also have immunosupression at the same time!

In 07 again, vaccinated with disease, this time hematuria (blood in the urine) and GET THIS THE PATIENT WAS SUFFERING AN UNEXPLAINED 21 POUND WEIGHT LOSS!!

04/30/07 suffered weight loss and blood loss yet
05/01/07 platelets are low and are clumping which ‘could be immune mediated or inflammatory’
05/14/07 put on ASPIRIN
08/02/07 Increased the dose of aspirin and was on Cosequin concurrently, AND GET THIS given LONG ACTING IMMUNOSUPPRESSIVE STEROIDS (contraindicated with aspirin, a non steroidal anti-inflammatory) and had antihistamines prescribed! No work up of the skin condition that has progressively worsened with every immune assault by this over administration of vaccines and every trip to the vet office. No thyroid testing despite the signs of thyroid disease. 04/18/07 labs do not show any T4 or any other thyroid parameter testing.

10/11/07 GAVE EVEN MORE $TEROIDS, long acting even stronger antibiotics, now CIPRO (remember antibiotics are suppressive and palliative in nature) also this is increasing the development of auto-immune disease.

11/11/07 MORE YES EVEN MORE>>>>> LONG ACTING IMMUNOSUPRESSIVE STEROIDS and both my injection and now by oral administration (Temeril=-P) an shot gun medicine combination product, more palliation and more suppression.

12/15/07 ATOPICA
12/24/07 ATOPICA
3/31/08 patient gets ‘shot up with the whole slew of possible vaccines, including the mumbo jumbo and even at this time is noted to be ‘sick with fever, chronic dermatitis, crusts, scabs, pustules and guess what, GETS ANOTHER LONG LASTING IMMUNOSUPPRESSIVE STEROID INJECTION. This was done despite the thyroid level was low and yet, not ADDRESSED! All FDA violations of administering vaccines to a very sick animal.

The second dog again was so immune dysregulated from year after year after year vaccines unnecessary and unsafe. The dog ended up with immune exhaustion, adrenal fatigue and as the immune system failed he could not keep the coccidia and yeast which are usually handled with the cell mediated immune system, this dog had a paralyzed cell mediated immune system, an atrophied mucosal immune system and a very much loved companion became unable to live. The owner an elderly man overwhelmed over the deep drop into disease of immune system dysregulation left his dog frail and stinking and unable to fight off the mildest infection. The owner was crying when he had to leave the dog to be euthanized…. Finally, a copy of the stupid ad in the Healthy Pet magazine and I am sure many others seducing the public into thinking they need these yearly vaccines……

What can we do to show these cases to those whom think they have the right to not protect the consumer from this needless and harmful over vaccination? The fact that they are not coming forward the AVMA, the AAHA and the WSAVA, the AVH…….what can we do?

Please re-post this and forward it and share it everywhere!

Thank you!

Dr Jeannie Thomason
The Whole Dog

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