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Testimonials From Happy Clients


I highly recommend a whole health consultation with Dr. Jeannie.  I have learned how to be more pro-active in Dani’s health care and have seen such an amazing change in her health – mentally as well as physically!

T. Anderson, Miami Shores, FL

Dear Dr. Jeannie,

I can’t thank you enough for all the help you have been to me and Sadie!

She has gotten through her healing response/detox and her health just keeps improving. I can’t believe how I hung on to the advice of my veterinarian’s for so long, even after watching Sadie become weaker and sicker with each prescription. I share Sadie’s healthy lifestyle story with everyone that asks and comments on how well she is doing.

Thanks again and again,

S. Black Portland, OR


Goldie, my golden retriever, presented with chronic diarrhea 10 months ago and despite taking her to the local vet repeatedly and receiving ongoing antibiotic treatment, her improvements were minimal and her poo remained soft. So, seeking an alternative, I contacted Dr. Thomason from The Whole Dog.


The lifestyle action program that Dr. Jeannie came up with in her consultation worked! I saw Goldie’s bowel movements return to better than they were before she ever had diarrhea – small, hard and no smell and all within just a week! I could not believe the incredible improvement in her condition which along with a raw, natural diet made her appear years younger than her biological age. I cannot thank Dr. Jeannie enough for all that she has done for my fur baby! Thank you, Dr. Jeannie, for your excellent job. I know now that naturopathy does work on dogs.

I can highly recommend Dr. Jeannie from The Whole Dog.

L. Bowers, Lansing MI



You were right that I was hesitant to feed Missy more bone because I was worried about her choking on them. I found your consultation information to be incredibly helpful to me and it has given me more confidence in feeding her prey model!

C. Mattars, Brisbane-Queensland-Australia


Sadie-Mae (11 y.o. Dachshund and pack matriarch) has suffered with a skin yeast infection for nigh onto 2 years.

It started after my vet prescribed a steroid med for her allergic reaction to fleas. That opened the door for the yeast infection. She was prescribed the common meds for that treatment. No real progress in arresting the yeast infection was realized thru those meds. Her skin and odor got worse and worse. I combed thru info online in search of a solution for my beloved longtime companion.

Knowing the yeast infection was compromising her health and longevity tore my heart out. I read, with great interest, the information you provided on your website and in your consultation. It made sense to me.

Sadie was put on a raw meat diet 2 months ago AND THE RESULTS ARE MIRACULOUS!!

[learn_more caption=”Read More”] I cannot begin to thank you enough for making this information available!!

As indicated, 1 month of raw meat diet for each year of the dog’s age was what I expected. I certainly did not expect to see her scaly patches that occupied each leg entirely disappear within 2 months. They did though!! The yeasty/musty odor disappeared almost immediately once we started with the raw meat, bones and organs. The problems she was having with elimination ARE GONE!!

Her stools (one about every 2-3 days) are soft and pass easily. No more straining!! Her weight is now perfect and her coat is silky and shiny!! She went from looking old and very sad to healthy and spunky in an unbelievably short period of time. I look at her now and tears well up in my eyes!

I’m grateful for the valuable information provided to me (and that I had the good sense to follow thru with the recommendations). Her new diet will be for the rest of her life!! Now she is free to live a normal life…one that is not compromised by a silently damaging infection.

Thanks again!!

Sherrill Scoville -grateful pet mom of 4






Hi Dr. Jeannie…

I’ve been thinking about writting this email for a while now, I am glad to finally get it sent. Hailey turned the corner health-wise about Thanksgiving of last year. She’s completely clear and over the hump. Thank you so much for what you do for our furry family members. She has been playing daily; romping and running all around. Even our older pup Gigi who had some big hip problems has cleared. She’s no longer in pain like before.
Again thanks, you can add little Hailey and our furry bunch to your list of success stories.
We are very happy and now proponents of a raw diet. No looking back.

Dr. Thomason,

We have a miniature schnauzer (10 years old) and the last 4 years we have been on a massive ordeal from vet to vet to a dermatologist to find what is causing his health issues and find a cure or disease management program. DerekDelSimoneTestimony He was since, diagnosed with Cushings Disease and Atopic Dermatitis from 14 different allergens and pollens. he is Severely allergic to fleas. His skin condition has been a constant battle, we have tried everything and anything for his yeast infections; and because of the Cushings we didn’t want to use the standard medication. Then we stumbled across your website: The Whole Dog.

[learn_more caption=”Read More”] Your article and support on Yeast Infections has changed our lives. What you described as Malasezzia, is the exact same symptoms Jack had to 100%. On further consideration, we were able to pin down his flare ups to different brands of dry food. We immediately moved him onto a raw food diet, and immediatly saw a huge change. We just wanted to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Between the 100+ frustrated online research stints and countless vet visits, no other piece of information has changed our lives as much as this article and your support has. We now feel confident we can control his Yeast Infection. The best part about it is we now know what’s cause it, and that every time we see a specialist or vet we no longer walk out with move antibiotics and antifungals to give him. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Derek Del Simone[/learn_more]


Dear One,

Today, I had the pleasure of coming across your website. Indeed, the articles you have presented are so explanatory and well written, and a huge relief in knowing that there is hope out there for my dogs.

In spite of a two year quest for help, there has been little understanding, nor any definitive feeding approaches recommended for my two dogs, one of which I snatched back from the brink of death one year ago, after she was diagnosed with extreme gastritis following antibiotic therapy.

It is with gratitude that I read your article, and am considering scheduling a consultation for one of my dogs, or possibly both. Blessings,

Sandra Evans

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