Tess the Rescued Mastiff Needs Surgery


Tess is a nine month old English Mastiff and the permanent foster of Tiny Paws Wet Noses (a 501c rescue organization), living with the wonderful family who rescued her.

Tess is missing her right front paw because the umbilical cord was wrapped around it at birth, resulting in the need to amputate the paw at six days old.   As Tess grows larger every day (now over 100#), the strain on the rest of her body (although not her attitude) has become obvious. Her stub occasionally bleeds from walking or running too much.   Due to the fact that she has tripled in size since her last visit, Dr Pond and his staff were pleasantly surprised to see good elbows and bones on her X-rays and her strong will to make the best use of her shortened leg, so it has been decided that Tess would be a great candidate for the implant.