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Recently, I interviewed my friend Hilary Sloan who’s an advocate for animal rescuing and the wonderful human behind the ultra popular Instagram account ellabeanthedog. Hilary has fostered countless dogs and rescued three amazing little dogs: Ella bean, Coconut  bean and most recently Fifi Von bean.  Hilary is a raw feeding dog mom who has been interested in natural health for animals for about a decade now.  Here is our interview:

Question: Would you like to share with us a little about “Ella Bean” and why you believed she needed to have probiotics in her diet?

Answer: I actually began using PetFlora 11 years ago with my first dog Louis, who suffered from TERRIBLE digestive issues. I simply could not get his digestion under control and we were dealing with non-stop diarrhea and he was losing weight. I saw the benefits of PetFlora pretty quickly with Louis and when I rescued Ella, I assumed she’d probably need some gut rebuilding considering the circumstances she had come from.

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