Steps to Reducing Toxicity In Your Dog’s Life

Reducing Toxicity in Your Dog’s Life

What steps have you taken this past week to improve the health and quality of your dog’s life? Are you taking more regular walks ? Spending more quality time fussing over him/her? Brushing them? Playing fetch? and talking to him/her? (Yes, this definately  improves your dog’s psychological and emotional health, and in turn his or her general wellbeing – haven’t you noticed  just how much your dog LOVES it when you direct all your attention to him/her?

Or maybe you’ve started on one or two of the recommendations I make from time to time to improve your dog’s state of health such as changing your dog’s diet to a raw meat, bones and organs diet OR at least beginning to replace and/or eliminate toxic cleaning products and/or personal care products from your home?

Most people don’t know that a healthy, natural life span for a dog is actually up to ten years longer than his expected lifespan these days of only 8 – 10 years of age. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? I firmly believe that this is in a large part due to our toxic lifestyle in which our dogs are exposed to at an even greater level of toxins each and every day.

After all, once you’ve scrubbed the sink or bath tub with some chemical concoction and/or mopped your floor with some anti-bacterial cleanser or bleach, I’m sure you don’t go lie down and put your face next to the surface to inhale that synthetic smell left behind. But your dog will!  And if you use cleaning products on your hard floors or carpets, you don’t go around sniffing it dozens of times a day and constantly inhale the fumes, do you? But again, your dog does.

No, you say your dog spends most of his days outside? Okay then, even if you don’t spray chemical weed killers or fertilizers or pesticides on your grass and gardens, you can be pretty sure that you neighbour or someone down the street does, and the rain washes it into your yard or the wind carries the chemicals to your yard.

Have you had your dog vaccinated in last three years?  Vaccines contain all kinds of toxic chemicals. Aluminium, thimerosal and formaldehyde are just the beginning in list of ingredients.

And of course, if you are still feeding your dog any processed dog food … well, you know my opinion on that concoction of rancid, dead rubbish and the effects it has on your dog’s health. Come on, seriously, would you eat it?

So you see, your dog likely ingests and otherwise absorbs many times higher doses of chemicals, toxins, and other pollutants than even you do.

I’m sure you’ve heard of cancer and other types of degenerative disease being far more prevalent in recent years; due in large part from the fact that the ground contains high levels of chemicals, heavy metals, or other toxins being absorbed into the plants that feed the animals that become food for our pets.  Chemicals, heavy metals and other toxins in vaccinations, medications, toxic chemicals in household cleaning products, personal care products, pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fragrances and so on, ad nauseum.

So, it just stands to reason that our dogs don’t live near as long as they should and are not as healthy and happy as they could be – given that they are exposed to such high levels of toxicity on a daily basis.

Why don’t we start taking some steps to restore health to our pets. We can begin by reducing and finally eliminating toxins in our own homes, yards and lives.

Simple steps you can take to reduce toxins and their dangerous effects –

Switch out your toxic cleaning products to natural, toxic chemical free products such as Young Living’s Thieves line.

Stop using air fresheners, that contain toxic, synthetic scents and diffuse essential oils that will not only clean and oxygenate the indoor air but they will raise both your families and your dog’s electrical/vibrational frequencies that will balance and promote a healthy immune system.

Stop feeding processed pet foods and treats and give your dog a fresh, all natural raw meat, organs and bone diet.

Learn the dangers of vaccines and stop injecting un-necessary and harmful ingredients into his blood stream.

Put at least one of these steps into effect today and another tomorrow and watch your dog’s health – mental, physical and emotional  improve.

I would love to hear from you about the steps you take and how they have benefited your dog’s life and health.

Drop me an email and I will post it on the blog!

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