Sprinkles and Sprinkle Gardens

What are Sprinkles(TM) and Sprinkle Gardens ?

Sally Hopkins in the UK came up with this amazing idea of Sprinkles and has even trade marked it!  Here is an excerpt from her article about Sprinkles from her website – Dog Games


To put it simply, it is throwing and sprinkling small amounts of tiny morsels of moist food over a large area of grass, without your dog seeing what you are doing. You then allow him to take as much time as he needs to search and find the Sprinkles (which leave molecules of scent, even when they have been eaten) without prompting or distracting him in any way. Sprinkles tires your dog mentally, fulfill his working instincts & drive, builds confidence in his abilities, and promotes deep natural healing sleep; all of which help to lower dogs long term stress levels.”

Sprinkles SallyHopkinsTM

Please read her entire article or download it in a pdf HERE

Talk about great enrichment that promotes the release of stress, strengthens the immune system and fulfills the dog’s natural needs to use their nose and working instincts!   This would be a great thing to do for your dog in your snuffle garden, do some Sprinkles –  Make it a Sprinkle garden!

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