Sergents Flea and Tick Meds Equals Sick Dogs?

Adverse reaction to Sergent’s Flea medication

I just received this email from a personal friend up in Oregon.  This is not the first I have heard about adverse side effects with this product or other chemical based pesticides for that matter:

Hi All,

I just wanted to let everyone know that this brand of flea medicine made my dogs sick this weekend.  I usually use Multi Advantage but this weekend used 2 samples of the Sargents I was given.  I used it on my two younger dogs and they both had a reaction to it.  They seemed very nervous and couldn’t sit still.  The youngest one was kicking her legs constantly and they were both smacking their lips/mouths like they were dehydrated but they were drinking lots of water.  Their faces got a little swollen although never had any problems breathing.  I called the hotline on the box and she said they were having a tingly sensation like we get if our foot falls asleep and that is why they were constantly moving around.  She said the best thing to do would be to wash them in dish soap that this would take the medicine off the skin and to give them water with chicken broth, just enough to make the water cloudy, in it to help with their mouths, not really sure why this would help but I did it.

I am happy to say they are ok now and were feeling better yesterday, I gave them the flea medicine Saturday morning, the ladyon the hotline said the symptoms could last 24 to 48 hours.

I am not knocking this type of medicine in general, I just wanted to let everyone know to be careful using it on your animals and what to do if they do have a reaction to this or any flea medicine.

Feel free to pass  this on to any one you might feel should be warned of this medicine.

Thank you Teena.

Why do we continue to use these toxic products on our dogs folks? Why to we take risks with their health and well being this way when there are great natural alternatives that not only deter pests but are actually healthy for our pets?  Want to know about some of these natural preventatives and products?

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  1. I ,once again,would like to say Thank you to this site for this info. We couldn’t figure out why our one dog was sick but the other wasnt cause they both get the same stuff. except for the last bath, we ran out of our normal shampoo and rran and got the above mentioned product and bathed her in that. Unfortunately I read this acticle too late. I went to give her a dish soap bath but it was too late, she passed. I ADVISE EVERYONE DO NOT use this!!!! This dog was the happiest dog in the world till that bath 10 days ago. Please.spend an extra few bucks get a GOOD brand. You might spend more, but you might save a heartache. Thank you I wish I saw it sooner.

  2. Oh my goodness, My 10 yr old dog this past week is the opposite. She is usually like a pup, runnin, playin, smilin (yes she does smile) but now she just lays there, looking/acting real sick outta nowhere. But my in-law bathed her in Sergeant Skip-Flea and Tick. Wow im gonna wash her right AWAY thanks to this web site.

  3. Again the very same thing happened with my dog. He can’t sit still or stop scratching one spot. He however isn’t drinking much water or eating. He eats as long as someone is rubbing the agitated area for him. I can’t believe they keep selling this stuff. I have come across numerous forums warning people of this product. I did not call the hotline but got the same advise from a 24 hour emergency vet hospital. The effects hopefully will wear off soon. The vet I spoke with also suggested hydrocortizone cream and pediatric Benadryl(1mg per pound) Hope this helps. (for my dog and any other people’s pets)

  4. Hey, thanks. I’ve just been going through the same thing w/my poor dog, Ralphie. I put that Sargeant’s stuff on her yesterday and she is fit to be tied. Can’t stop moving, whining, etc.

    Thanks so much for the explanation.

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