Seren’s Story – Vaccines are NOT Safe!

Below is a true story (the actual email in fact) that happens far too often and then goes un-reported and often never shared. I am re-posting this so that Seren’s life and suffering was not for nothing. That you become aware of just how toxic, how dangerous vaccines are. Just ONE puppy shot can do a lifetime of damage and often even death.

At this time, Seren’s “boss/owner” does not want her name posted but hopefully, once she is over her grieving she will be forth coming with more details and her name so others can be warned.

Hi, Im Seren and I am a recovering parvo virus victim. I got parvo when I was just 6 weeks and so I have had a bit of a rough time of life but I am now 14 weeks old and things are a lot better. My Boss hopes that one day I will make a SAR dog but we have a few ‘issues’ to deal with first. We are working on the issues ( Im a terrible biter….I eat stones….AND LOVE ALL POO!! Boss says none of these is good and I have to stop.:( Still, I’ll give it a go because it makes her happy! 🙂

Thank you for your email to Seren and I did do research on what you said and oh how I wish I had found you so much earlier! Unfortunately we have run into even more drama as from 2.30 yesterday afternoon.

At 6 weeks she had the breeders parvo jab and 3 days later came down with parvo.

At 14 weeks she had the distemper jab and exactly 48 hours later, well, my world fell apart.

Seren went psycho and did not stop biting me constantly oh so hard. At 9.30 this morning I had to take her back to the vet and he has given her (and me) just 24 hours before making the final call on her life. 🙁

He thinks her mind may have gone….

He gave me some sedatives for her and also some anti spasmodic which is a probotic! (WHY DIDN’T HE GIVE HER THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE AGES AGO?)

I duly gave her the medications and within a short space of time the sedative could be seen to kick in. But the non stop biting continued. But then you could virtually see the Promax kick in and the biting stopped! She has been asleep ever since!

Tonight I will just give the promax and see if the result is the same with the lack of sedative. I do not want to give up on her but at the same time I cant risk having ……

When she is a bit more awake I am going to go see a vet consultant I know of old…..20 years ago he was my vet and I trust him and will see what he thinks. I know he would not give up on an animal unless there was no hope. He is not against alternative measures if they work and I know he will know whether a raw diet will make a difference to her.

Parvaid sounds like it is/was exactly what Seren needs/ needed and I have been trying to contact the British supplier but being a sunday its so far been useless.

I wish there had been more info available about parvo out there…I had been looking for help but in all the wrong places. When i went to the german shepherd forum all I got was abuse and so I just went totally with the vet who seemed to care more than they did!

Bless you for being a rare and beautiful star in mine and Seren’s life. (Seren is Welsh for star).

xxxxxx 🙁 🙁

🙁 I didnt give the sedative…..and regretted it. luckily it was me who suffered. When he said it maybe that she has lost her mind I suspected he thought that.

Is there no hope for encephalitis? Can they not recover? Is that why he is talking about putting her down tomorrow? Its just so unfair, she was doing so well.

My poor little baby…what a miserable life she has had…..:(


🙁 The sedatives did not work for Seren tonight. Her angst was unbearable…..her poo smelt of parvo again……she did not know what to do with herself……she manically chased her tail round and round………dug half way to australia and threw herself repeatedly at the counter as if to steal invisable food. Nothing would calm her although she tried and she was at risk of injuring herself further.

We are all missing our baby. We are all in a state of shock. It all seems like a bad dream. Seren was so so good up till the weekend. She had learnt sit , down, come, could walk with loose leash, she had learnt to fetch, and was doing really well with ‘soft mouth’.

She was an extraordinary runner. A little torpedo in motion! She smiled wagged her tail and was extremely gentle with my 1 year old grandson.

Amazing when you think how ill she was for her short little life.

I decided not to make her endure more pain. I held her in my arms and told her she was the most courageous little star there ever was. I did not lie. I have never seen a pup so ill with anything it was so unfair she had this thrown at her. A second round worse than the first.


Seren means star. A bright light in a dark sky. Her story is a complete tragedy. It must be used to educate people like me. The doubt of the wisdom of injections for her was in me but I let people like the vet and ‘my german shepherd forum’ guide me. I mention the forum because of the abuse I got there when I was seeking help and experiences from people who have been through the same. They seemed to think that removing the pup from the litter was detrimental to her well being. Better to have left her to die.

I saw a different vet last night. She was from the same practice but it was the original vet who first saw Seren with the parvo. The boss ‘David’ took over once the initial crisis was over. She was also in tears over Seren and ensured that her final moments were filled with tenderness and love. for Seren and me. I got the feeling she was angry at the boss too. It was the way she hugged me. She wasn’t like that when my 20 year old cat was put to sleep. Just after I signed the paper I said this is all so wrong. she said yes it is.

The facts of the biting: She only ever bit family members and only around certain times such as hunger….before pooing and after pooing. She could use a soft mouth when her tummy wasn’t bad, and the way she was biting always screamed ‘do something’ (grabbing me and pulling down). She didn’t ever mean to hurt anyone. She loved us all so much. I know that and always did.

If a stranger or a child came into the equation during one of her bouts she greeted them with affection. Although I closely supervised her with my 1 year old grandson she was so tender towards him and restrained herself with impeccable manners.

I tried to contact the groups last night but Seren needed me and my initial introduction was more than 200 words … the end Seren was more important.

Any way you know of for Serens story to get out please use it. Everyone who met her fell in love with her…she was a real sweetie and for a fair few the first shepherd they had ever dared to touch.

My sons and I are going to bury her now….under the cherry tree. It is a young tree so will grow for her in the future.

I will be in touch again and again. My daughter needs a positive story. My sons remember Jupiter and Suzi and although Jupiter’s life ended unexpectedly and tragically they can recall how it is when it works well.

I wont be walking down the road of immunisation again. When I think of the generations of dogs immunised it seems that is a road that is doomed.

I’m waffling now….emotions are clouded and random.

….I wish our paths crossed 2 months ago…


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