Restoring Health To Your Dog


Restoring Health To Your Dog

Hi Friends!

As you all know by now, I am very passionate about natural health for our pets (ourselves as well). I believe that it should all start with prevention. The majority of my clients and customers are not contacting me to ask how to start their new puppy out right but, instead I seem to be a last resort and they are asking how to help their sick dog get well.

Let me start this out by saying that it does no good trying to restore health to your sickly little pet, if you are not going to continue to practice good nutrition and balance in your dog’s life.As you know, the immune system is what does the healing.  Encouraging the immune system to wake up and get on the job is what will bring your dog back to health.

Keeping that immune system strong and working properly must be continued for the life of the dog.

It does no good trying to restore health to a sickly little pet, without gently cleaning and purifying the blood that is being pumped to every single cell with every beat of its heart. My experience over the years has shown contaminants or toxins to be the root cause of ill health and sickness.

You need to purge the body of toxins and purify the blood so your dog has a fighting chance of returning to and maintaining health. With clean blood, the body’s cells receive nutrients. Wholesome nutrients will help boost the immune system.

There are a few great products on the market for pets that will naturally cleanse the blood and boost the immune system and stregthen it to purge the toxins out.

There are herbal tinctures and immune stimulators available.

Any of the above, used in conjunction with a wholesome, fresh diet (please, NOT kibble if at all possible), probiotics and enzymes will quickly turn your pet around as long as you are truly diligent and devoted to its recovery.Eliminate chemical ladin cleaning products and chemical pestiside treaments from your home and use of on and around your dog. There are very simple and effective alternatives for cleaning your home and caring for you pet as well.

Next step to restoring your dog’s health is to re-nourish your dog’s body by adding natural vitamins and trace minerals to its daily food and/or water intake. Without trace minerals in the body, adding vitamins is a waste of money as the body cannot fully absorb the vitamins even if they are “natural” vitamins. Did you know the animal body cannot absorb synthetic vitamins anyway? Without trace minerals you are just wasting your money.

Some natural sources of trace minerals are some clays, sea kelp, Coral Calcium and DE. Most natural supplements contain herbs or earth extracts as a source of these important elements.

One of the most important things to do is if you really wish to have a dog with absolute health and vitality, you are going to have to take this necessary step many people hesitate at. You must give your dog the most natural and wholesome diet possible. You all know I personally feed my dogs a raw diet and I highly recommend it for ultimate health for you dogs.

It’s recommended that you detox and clean your dog’s systems at least twice yearly.

Your dog needs you to take a “pro-active” approach to its health and well being just like you or any thinking person would for yourself or your child. This health maintenance approach will give your dog the opportunity to enjoy its life to the fullest. Your taking these simple, inexpensive, non-stressful, and proven steps towards your dog’s health will increase the health, happiness, longevity and quality of life of your dog. Bring your dog back to the playful pal s/he should or used to be.

A consultation is recommended when you bring a new puppy home or you want to start caring for your dog naturally. Forego all the confusing and conflicting information and get the straight facts on how to have a healthy, happy, long lived dog. 🙂

Dr. Jeannie Thomason
The Whole Dog