Respect and Admiration of Veterinary Medicine Turns to Shame

Respect and Admiration of Veterinary Medicine Turns to Shame
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Erin Dakins R.V.T. – retired

Now that title may shock you, anger you or confuse you but it sums up a smidgeon of the emotions I am personally feeling at this point in my journey down the road of healing that is fraught with emotions such as shame, guilt, anger, sadness, rage-at-the-machine, disgust and joy.

Now before you think that I have really flipped my lid and inhaled too many essential oils, let me explain…

Anger rises in me like a tidal wave, a tsunami that threatens to race across the land and devastate anything in its path. The anger is directed at the main culprits in this big SCAM called veterinary medicine.

The first institute that I naively trusted was the Veterinary School that I attended to earn my degree as a Registered Veterinary Technician. We learned all about anatomy, physiology and pharmacology. We spent hours ad nausem studying things that really, in hindsight, did not matter. We were taught to treat disease. We were taught to medicate the animals. We were praised when we did well. We were taught to think and operate within the party-line. To think within their specified box recommending and doing what their current regime demanded and not questioning. By asking questions, as a lowly technician, you were talked down to, made to feel just plain stupid. Collectivism was rewarded with good jobs and decent money – in other words a career fulfilling the American Dream. Built on lies, all of it.

Wow, same model the whole country operates on.

Next my anger points towards veterinarians who gave in, sold out to and profit from Big Pharma with little regard to the well being of the animals entrusted into their care by owners who never question their god-like status. Veterinarians who direct their staff to sell products, discuss vaccine protocols and push certain diets. If a vaccine is refused, the client is to be warned and informed that their pet is not protected from deadly viruses. If the client does not want to feed the diets the clinic recommends then they are made to feel as though they are feeding an inadequate food. If a client does research and it does not fit the veterinary model then they are made to feel inadequate and wrong. Veterinarians do little research or questioning concerning trials or research on vaccines and drugs on their own and routinely follow the party line, and as a general rule, continue making pets sick while generating income from the on-going illnesses. The staff follow along blindly trusting them to do the right thing, rarely if ever questioning the doctor or the protocols. Many veterinarians never understand the root causes of the disease and early deaths, the cycle continues on and the pets suffer for most of their lives. All the while we think we are helping and healing. Some of us discover the lies, the deceptions, and our eyes are opened to the greed-driven, ego gratifying business of veterinary medicine where those we trusted have betrayed us by giving in to Big Pharma. Due diligence would be a good thing for many veterinarians in practice to try – open theirs minds and put their egos on the shelf for a bit. We have been taught to trust the doctor – they know best. When the lie is exposed, guilt, anger, sadness and regret come rushing in. Not good feelings to nurse.

I want you to think back to the last visit to the veterinarian. How much time did the veterinarian or technician spend with you? Did they fully examine your critter? Did they take an in depth history? Or was it pinch, poke you are done and out the door after telling you that you need this product and that product so that your critter is healthy and parasite free? Many veterinarians do great exams and do spend quality time with you and your critter, but I have seen my fair share on vaccine clinics that do not know the meaning of the word EXAM and certainly never take a temperature yet vaccinate anyway. This is not about protecting your pet, this is about money – perhaps not from the point of view of the veterinarian as they still believe they are doing a good thing, but BIG Pharma is pushing the vaccines to make MONEY.

Big Pharma makes/creates the stew we call vaccines and they are also the ones that do the research studies on them! How convenient is that? They give the ‘results’ to the FDA and they are never questioned. If bad things, oh like deaths, occur, well you won’t hear of it. Monetary power can sure bury a lot of information. This is like putting a pedophile in charge of an orphanage – oh, wait, that’s done too.

Big Pharma, those two words will get my blood pressure up FAST! We are led for most of our lives to trust them, they know the best ways to fix us, to make us better and live long, healthy and happy lives. They work really hard to find CURES for the diseases that attack us. Right? In fact, they perpetuate the cycle of dis-ease in order to have illness to treat.

I am well on my journey to healing by learning – taking as many of you along as I can! Together, our voices can and must be heard to protect those we love, whether human or animal!
May Yahweh Bless You and Your Critters Too!

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