freeze dried raw training treats for dogs

RAW, Freeze Dried Training Treats

I just had the pleasure of receiving some great training treats from Only Natural Pet to give to my dogs and write a review on.

Since I only use raw, single ingredient, freeze-dried or air-dried meats and organs for my naturally reared dogs, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to let them try these treats.  

Needless to say, they LOVED them and I felt very good about rewarding them with these treats!

The Only Natural Pet “All Meat BItes Freeze Dried Dog Treats come in:

  • Grass Fed Beef
  • Free Range Bison
  • Cage Free Chicken
  • Cage Free Duck
  • Wild Caught Salmon 

We got the Cage Free Chicken ( chicken breast) to try. I put a few in my pocket and was happy to see they truly were freeze-dried as they were not greasy or smelly.  The dogs worked great for the treats and loved them.


ONP Freeze Dried Raw cage Free Chicken

You can get more information on all the All Meat Bites or buy some for your dogs to try HERE


We also got a package of the Only Natural Pet Freeze Dried Rabbit Nibs. These wonderful treats are made from rabbit meat, liver,kidney and heart from humanely rabbits raised here in the U.S.  How great they include organs!  What a nutritious training treat!   Of course, the dogs loved and worked great for these as well.



Freeze dried raw rabbit treats


Awesome for Only Natural Pet but unfortunately for us right now, the Raw Nibs Rabbit treats are on back order until June 16th, 2018.  However, ONP does have 100% Green Beef Tripe Raw Nibs treats available. Green Tripe is nutrient dense and full of health benefits for our dogs!

With freeze-dried, raw meat and organ treats like this available for our dogs, why would anyone want to buy anything that was cooked or seasoned as treats?   Cooked meats are difficult for our carnivore companions to digest since the heating of the meat or organs changes the molecular structure of the meat and destroys most of the nutrition that was present when it was raw.

Why not give these healthy, treats a try for your dog(s)?   Treats they will love and you can feel good about giving them due to their nutrient value.


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