Purina’s Beneful dog food killing dogs nationwide




In 2007,  I was contacted by quite a few dog owners who had their beloved dogs become deathly ill or die who fed Beneful Dog food.   Here are links to a couple of the blog posts:



Here we are in January of 2013 and Purina is still is not interested in putting out a recall or taking any responsibility for dog owners sick and dying pets that eat their Beneful food.

Here is  new article  in the examiner that tells of how NOTHING is being done about an investigation or recall of  Beneful dog food STILL in 2013!  Purina’s Beneful Dog Food Killing Dogs Nationwide: No Recall Issued By FDA

Of course you all you regular readers know how I feel about any feeding our dogs any kibble at all and hope to educate new readers to the dangers of feeding our carnivore companions any cooked or processed food in an attempt to have dog owners everywhere be more proactive in their pets health and lives.

Here is an article on Cooked Vs Raw Food for dogs:  http://www.thewholedog.org/artcookedfood.html

And there is a wonderful online education module entitled “Carnivore Nutrition” available at The American Council of Animal Naturopathy  as well as a full study course that one can be certified in as well.    Check them out HERE

As always, before switching your dog to a raw diet, please do your homework or set up a consultation with a certified animal health coach or  carnivore nutritionist.

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