Product Review Super Power Bars

super power bar healthy dog chew

Super Power Bar Review

I was again honored to be asked to review a couple of products from ONLY NATURAL PET.

One the products was a package of two of their Super Power Bars.

My two senior citizen Boston Terriers LOVED these!   I would have given one to one of the Poodles to try as well but I worried they may try to swallow most of it whole.  That is the ONLY thing I was not happy about the Super Power Bar – They are only sized appropriately for smaller dogs.

These wonderful and healthy chews are made from 100% all natural, grass fed Angus beef parts that feature no hormones, antibiotics, steroids or smoking agents.

The ingredients are: cheeks, tendons, tripe, bully sticks, and gullet. These ingredients are high in nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids, beta carotene, collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, and elastin; which have been shown to improve joint function, reduce bone loss and inflammation, as well as promote a healthy skin and coat all the while keeping your little dog busy and cleaning their teeth!

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