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Only Natural Pet – ShroomImmune Organic Mushroom Blend

medicinal mushrooms for immune enhancing


Made with certified organic medicinal mushrooms, Only Natural Pet ShroomImmune is holistically formulated to offer superior benefits for dogs (and cats), including supporting the immune system, stimulating the digestive tract, detoxifying the blood, and maintaining cellular health.

Containing five distinct medicinal mushrooms that work synergistically to maintain your pet’s health and vibrancy, Only Natural Pet ShroomImmune is a concentrated, organic mushroom blend that comes in capsule form with an easy to administer powder inside.

I have always been a big proponent of supplementing with medicinal mushrooms, especially when a pet is ill or recovering from an injury, illness or surgery.  

I gave the ShroomImmune to my two senior Boston Terriers as one had strained muscles in his back while being naughty and trying to dig under our house and got stuck!   He recovered well and quickly.  

ShroomImmune is reasonably priced for organic mushrooms as well and currently are

On Sale!


90 caps are regularly – $29.99 but on sale now for  $23.99

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