Product Review Brush Buddy for Dogs


The Brush Buddy

Mr Dave and his dashing dog, Roman, devloped this Grrrrrrrreat product  and sent one to us here at The Whole Dog to try out.

This multi-purpose Doggie tool  can be used to brush and de-shed, dry off wet and/or muddy bodies and legs while giving a great massage it naturally stimulates a healthy coat and we even tried it out on the only carpet in the house and guess what?  It works great at removing lint and stray hairs on your carpet! One side has super absorbent and soft material that soaks up water or polishes coats like my short, shiny one!   The other side is coverd with soft rubber bristles that almost seem to magnetize loose short hairs and gently remove them while stimulating the skin for good health.


What makes this Brush Buddy so Pawsitive?  Well,  look at the features:

  • Soft and flexible rubber bristles penetrate to stimulate a healthy coat and gently massage your appreciative pooch.
  • Ergonomically designed hand pockets for easy grip and movement around your pooches body.
  • Thousands of rubber bristles attract hair like a magnet right from your dog’s body, car seat or furniture.
  • Plush terry cloth absorbs water quickly from wet paws and other pooch parts.
  • Soft and flexible material adjusts for grooming those hard to reach, sensitive spots.
  • Compact design makes for easy transportation and storage.

While we really love the Brush Buddy and what it can do we hope that Dave will make us smaller dogs a little bit smaller brush buddy as the one size is perfect for medium to giant dogs but a bit awkard for us smaller ones.

Please mom?   Massage me some more!

In spite of it’s size, we all love it when mom uses it on us and I still give it 4 paws!


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