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The following is an article from the The Power Hour Daily Email Blast’s January 18, 2012 Pet Corner section.


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Love of Pets vs. Big Pharma

Our pets bring us joy and inject humor into our lives – they do cute and funny very well. They give us love and are happy to be with us always. They hog the blankets on those cold nights as they snuggle up close. They love us even when we are grumpy and they don’t sass us back. When we are sad, they find ways to make us smile. When we cry, they lick our tears and place their heads on our shoulders. Their innocent eyes meet ours straight on – they hide not from us who they are – they have no secrets and no ulterior motives (well, unless the treat jar is in sight). When we talk to them, they tilt their heads in understanding. Many people say they can’t speak to us, but I say differently. When I look into their eyes, the conversations we share are worth much more then spoken words to me – they speak right to my heart. I speak with my babies daily and I care not who says I am a nut job. I know them and I love them and they are a gift from my Creator, loaned to me but for a short time here on this earth and I will do the best I can for them while they walk in my care. I’d rather talk to my dog!:)

Throughout our lives we are taught, or rather brain-washed, into believing that doctors are gods (notice the little’g’) and they know what is best for us. They know how to fix us, keep us healthy and well and keep all the horrible diseases from killing us. However, a select few of us know better!

We have learned through research or having health issues of our own that were never quite addressed as we thought they should have been, that we never seemed to get better. We found that for every one prescription that we were given, one, two or three more were added into the mix mainly to counter the effects of the first. Then we had to watch for drug inter-actions. What a convoluted mess medicine has become.

It would seem to me, and I make no claims to being smart, that this whole business of health care according to doctors, our friends in the government and organizations such as the AMA or the AVMA have no intention of curing anything, be it people or the animals that we love and care for.

On my personal journey and learning about all of the side effects of pill pushing and vaccines, I came to understand that veterinary medicine is the same as human medicine. All you need to do is find the motive and follow the money. Veterinary medicine has also been taken over by BIG PHARMA.

Over the years that I was in practice I actively witnessed the slow encroachment of the pharmaceutical companies into veterinary medicine. Paid luncheons and super deals on the newest drug or flea/tick preventative and that sort of thing. I watched as a huge percentage of dogs were diagnosed with hypothyroidism (low thyroid) and had to be placed on supplementation. As the years ground on, I found more and more dogs with arthritis that was debilitating due to poor diets and over vaccinating. I saw, just as in humans, a drastic increase in cancers, leukemias, lymphomas and auto immune disorders – once again attributed, I believe to the food, medicines, chemicals used on our pets and vaccines. I witnessed the fight to get the most efficacious flea killer. I witnessed the onset of SSRI drugs given to pets for separation anxiety among other behavior disorders. Looking back now, I can see that many of the behavior disorders were probably due in large part to diet. But remember – Prozac is cheap.

I personally, just after graduating for Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine as a Registered Veterinary Technician, had the misfortune of working for a practice (with ties to the mob, yes, believe or not) and their goal was one thing and one thing only – MONEY. Over-vaccinating and over prescribing generate income – vaccines given yearly guarantees yearly income!

Follow the money: human-animal bond and trip to vet for care/treatment>veterinarian>supplier>Big Pharma/Big Corporations. Must not forget TAXES made from over-the-counter products including foods! Big money!

Sadly, practices such as this are not uncommon. And just how would a practice such as this make lots and lots of the fake paper we use as money you ask? Well, hmm… Let’s start with over vaccinating your animals, let’s give them vaccines for every dern thing under the sun and tell them it is necessary. I can remember when corona virus struck and the vaccine was only made at that time by one company – Ft. Dodge. The vaccine was in short supply, but never fear, just add water, give the pups half a dose, charge the fee and be happy. Many veterinarians make money from selling prescriptions and over-the-counter products as well.

If you have listened to The Power Hour long enough then you know, or have heard of the big players in human medicine. Those big players are now the same for veterinary medicine. The main players are as follows (and this is not the full list, but will give the reader an idea): Merck, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Ft. Dodge, Novartis and Schering-Plough. Sound familiar? Can you see the big picture now? We know that these medications are harmful to us and we need to awaken pet lovers everywhere that they are harmful to our pets.

Most veterinarians love animals and sincerely want to help them live long, healthy lives ( I did and still do), but are brainwashed as well. Many still recommend annual vaccines for protection yet it has been proven that it is unnecessary in MANY studies and in fact has adverse effects on your pet. Sadly veterinarians have given in to Big Pharma in hopes of economic gain or taking the easy way out in fixing problems – which never really get fixed. Drugging our pets is much easier than working with the pet through training to address a behavior problem. But, then again, we do it with our children, so why not our pets too? The dog has separation anxiety and is hyper (so you think), so instead of doing some behavior modification such as clicker training, we’ll just give him a script for some good ole Prozac and all is good. Right.

So, just like Big Pharma is using every single human being it can to make money and keep making more and more money, Big Pharma has targeted veterinary medicine and our pets. And because of the rampant drugging, poor diet, and over vaccinating, our pets are living shorter and unhealthier lives.

I stumbled upon an article regarding a veterniarian who was sueing over the over vaccination of dogs and cats in the state of Texas, and I recommend everybody read this – very eye opening. But, what I also found was this:

“The people of the State of Texas have paid over $360 million dollars per year for vaccinations that are unnecessary and potentially harmful to their pets. Over 600,000 pets suffer every year from adverse reactions to unnecessary vaccinations. Many of them die.”

So, you see, there is fraud in veterinary medicine but the price is paid by our pets in the end, it may hit our wallet, but they pay the ultimate price – disease, suffering and perhaps early death.

Now this article was written in 2002, so can you imagine the amount of money now?? You see, Big Pharma and Big Corporations such as Colgate-Palmolive realized that because we humans love our pets so much that we will spend BIG money on them. Now, because pets do not live as long as we do, and we typically have more than one pet per household, the money stream is endless. And, top it all off by inducing money-making diseases such as hypothyroidism in which the supplement itself is inexpensive, but the blood work isn’t and we have a perpetual gold mine. Make it even better by feeding, and veterinarians recommending, the so-called premium diets such as Iams and Science Diet which in fact lead to disease themselves because of the use of poor qualtiy “meats.” Their “meats” are in fact from rendering plants which use diseased and euthanized animals (including dogs and cats) and now we have a recipe for disaster in health.

You must also consider the big stores like Walmart are cashing in as well, banking that you will spend money on your pets – they are right, only the products they pander are usually toxic and from China! The pet industry now is topping out at $50.84 BILLION for 2011 despite the economic downturn! Whoa!

And, ponder this: when you need to board your pet, want to take your pet to doggy day care or be a member of a doggy park, your pet must be current on vaccines – this mean rabies (some states go by the 3 year rabies vaccine), distemper (some will accept every 3 years for this one as well) and bordetella (kennel cough – some require every 6 months and some every year)! More money for vaccines! Can you see clearly now?

They have made the wonderful and innocent human-animal bond into a money making scheme to benefit the biggest of the big leaving pets and the people who love them with the short end of that stick!

So, try to find a holistic veterinarian in your area. Get your pet on a good, high quality food and quit vaccinating as often. Leave the annual vaccines behind and dump the Iams, Purina and Science Diets in the trash where they belong.

I am so saddened that this is happening and our pets are suffering due to the greed of the few. I dedicated my life to helping animals, to being a voice for them as they cannot speak for themselves and I find that I cannot fix it all myself – it has to be everyone out there speaking out against the big machine, finding a veterinarian that has a more natural approach to medicine and quit spending your money on poison. It is time to speak with your pocket book and do the best that you can to keep your four-legged pal around for as long as possible!

We must be the health advocate for our pets!

I mentioned in the last Pet Blast that I would also touch on toxic pet toys this week, but I think that it will have to wait until next week – I apologize for that – but I have run on a bit long at this point. So, next week I will write on the poison toys and I will also cover clicker training – as mentioned above…
Love them well!

Erin Dakins

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