Pointing The Finger At Greenies

Pointing The Finger At Greenies

One of our faithful readers, Kelli C. who had an incident with Greenies, asked me to post this message for her.

Oh Ian,

Yes GREENIES CAN BE BLAMED!!! I am pointing a major finger at them. When my healthy 3 year old dog starts to vomit blood, not a small amount but 2 large pools. And when I rush him to the Vet and the Vet pulls out several pieces of chewed greenies that were not digested that did have jags on it from the dogs teeth. Then you better believe Im going to point my finger at the GREENIES company. And when I call the company and ask “Have you had ANY problems with greenies?” and Im told NO then I will point a finger at the GREENIES company.

When I find out about more deaths from GREENIES and I again contact the company (and the same person who said NO before). And tell them I felt I was lied to and then they start blaming the dogs then I point my finger at the GREENIES company.

My dog is not a gulper, yes my dog chews. How do I know? Because I watch him. I saw the greenie chunks that were pulled from my dogs rectum. And yes they had been chewed. These were NOT whole pieces that were swallowed by the dog.

Ian find out all the info!

Did you know that the GREENIES company is NOT registered with the FDA? I submitted my info to the Kansas FDA and when the gentleman whose case it is comes back to work from being sick, they will start their investigation. The Greenies company has never registered with the FDA, per the woman I talked to, from the FDA. She also stated that even though they were making an animal product they still had to register.

My dog did not ACCIDENTLY gulp any piece of a GREENIE you could see the teeth marks on the pieces. I agree that maybe you should be a GREENIE Rep because, what you typed sounds like the story I was told when I called the company with my concerns. I do believe the formula has changed. I know too many people that are saying there dogs are now vomiting GREENIES and are pooping chunks of the 100% edible product. So nobody can tell me that the GREENIES did not cause my dog to vomit pools of blood. And to Mr PC, the idea of the product being able to help reduce tarter on the dogs teeth by them chewing them… When you use the grater to make little pieces this is defeating the purpose behind the product.

Ian, I do have the facts considering what happened to my dog. Funny how the company never registered with the FDA and is now being investigated. And Ian, I gave my dog the correct size of greenie and for something to be 85% digestable there sure were obvious signs of yes you are reading it correctly TEETH MARKS on the greenies. Had I known that this product was killing and injuring animals I would have saved the pieces. So you better believe my finger is pointed at the GREENIE company and you better believe I will and have told anyone and everyone I meet NOT to use this product.


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