Playing With Our Dogs – Serious Stuff

Playing With Our Dogs

Serious stuff!

Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, has made a lifelong commitment to improving the relationship between people and animals. She is known worldwide as an expert on canine and feline behavior and training, and for her engaging and knowledgeable books, DVDs and seminars.

Patricia joined us again on Animal Talk Naturally this morning to talk about her newest book, Play Together, Stay Together and the importance of playing with our dogs.  If you missed us live,  you can click HERE to enjoy the show now.

Patricia was our guest  back in May talking about how to better communicate with our canines and we so excited about all she had to share, we just had to have her back and count on her being back with us again in 2009 as well!   If you would like to hear the archived show with Dr McConnell in May,  you click HERE.

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