PETA Campaigns Against Dog And Cat Breeders

PETA sign

This billboard in New York is part of PETA’s campaign against cat and dog breeders.

Over the next few months, PETA will be posting up billboards and putting out the message that people should not buy animals from breeders or pet stores. They want to emphasize to the public that millions of animals are dying in shelters, and when a person buys a pet from a breeder or store, that means one less home for a shelter animal.

PETA says the real villains are the animal breeders. They state that breeders are contributing to the animal population epidemic in the country and are also making a profit off of it.

In response to PETA’s campaign against them, some breeders have fought back and said that responsible breeders are not the cause of animal overpopulation problems. They also said that many breeders help breed rescues and animal shelters.

Breeders have stated that PETA’s campaign does not reflect the difference between responsible breeders and backyard breeders and puppy mills. They said this is a complex issue, and PETA’s response to it is extremely black and white.

Some also said that many of the animal overpopulation problems result from people not spaying or neutering and allowing unwanted litters to be produced and irresponsible pet ownership.

Instead of PETA trying to campaign against breeders, they said animal groups and organizations should work together to help animals in shelters.

Source: PETA

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