Inflammation in dogs

What Are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are liquid drops made from individual flower petals, whose vibrational energy (or essence) is transferred to water by a special process. The drops are then taken internally or applied topically to people or animals. They are not drugs, vitamins or aromatherapy but a special gift for pet healing and life energy support. They contain electrically charged water and a preservative (your choice of brandy, vegetable glycerin, white vinegar, or red shiso).

Flower Essence formulas are designed to harmonize, nourish and enhance healing. Flower essences are on the cutting edge of energetic healing. Supporting the emotional balance that underlies true health, flower essences work on the vibrational level where energy precedes physical manifestations of health. Flower essences are useful in restoring harmony and vitality in systems thrown out of order by disease conditions, life changes, emotional events, stress, accidents, or surgeries. They nourish and energize the body’s innate capacity to heal by facilitating ease and re-establishing balance.

What Can Flower Essences Do For My Dog?

Animals are particularly responsive to the many forms of subtle energy that surround them, so flower essences, with their gentle vibrations, are extraordinarily effective with animals. Flower essences are safe and non-toxic, free of side effects, and economical. They are an ideal and easily accessible health resource for use with pets, working or companion animals, livestock, animals in daycare, refuge, shelter or emergency situations. Because they work on an energetic level rather than a chemical level in the body, flower essences have the capacity to facilitate shifts quickly. They are usually most effective when given in frequent small doses that reinforce the vibrational shifts and cellular communication that they offer.

Flower essences help animals to become more present and centered, to work through challenging situations or transitions, and to be more comfortable. Flower essences are safe and gentle even for newborn puppies and kittens, and can be safely taken with any foods or medications, as they cause no harmful side effects. Rescue Remedy and The Essential Emergency Formula should be kept in every medicine cabinet and first aid kit, as it has been proven to prevent shock in even severe cases of trauma and can quickly restore calm under the most stressful circumstances for our animals (and ourselves).

How to Use Them With Your Animals

Place up to 4 drops of the flower essence on your palm or in a small amount of water to drink and offer it to the animal. Drops may also be placed on nose pads or ear leather. Do not allow the dropper to touch the skin or mouth. The usual dosage for flower essences is four drops four times a day, but the emergency formula can be given as soon as possible after a stressful emotional or physical incident, as needed. These essences are meant for short-term use to help create the desired results, but can be safely given over a long period of time.


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