Paw It Forward

This holiday season, many of us are looking back on 2008 as being a time of economic challenges and financial uncertainty. Others of us are counting our many blessings and have felt to share our blessings with those not feeling as fortunate. Are you looking to find a way to “Paw It Forward”?

Animal Talk Naturally Radio Show is still offering wonderful gifts of your choice to those who donate $50.00 or more (see our Season Of Giving Page) to:

Paws and Think

Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch

(Both non-profit groups utilize abused, rescued animals (*horses and dogs) to provide therapy to in need youths.)
Animals In Paradise
(a documentary film on the eternal lives of animals)

We also recently were contacted by our friends at Hooves and Paws Rescue in Glenwood IA. Please read thier request for help below:

Hooves & Paws a place of healing
Hooves & Paws a place of healing

Dear Family & Friends,

Along the way doing rescue work we have been blessed meeting many wonderful people. Recently we have been offered a truckload of dry dog food from an incredible couple. We will be splitting this dog food with another shelter in the Nebraska area. However, we need to raise our half of the shipping cost which is estimated at between $900.00 & $1,100.00. We also need somewhere to store some of this food since our storage space at our rescue is limited due to our horse’s hay and food.

The food will be arriving in about one week. If anyone can help with a donation toward the shipping cost or storage of some of the dog food please contact us. We need this food for our rescued large breed dogs and also our dogs in foster/safe houses. We also help many other shelters & rescues in IA & NE when we are contacted because they are running low on food. This food would be a huge saving for us and allow us to help others who are trying like us to take in dogs that need a place to call home until adoption is possible.

Donations can be made directly through our website or mailed to our rescue. Please mark your donations, Dog Food Shipping Cost. Please share this information with your family & friends so we can get this truck rolling towards our rescue.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give us. Also, remember all donations are tax deductible so this is a great time to make your final year end donation to our rescue for a great cause.

If you can’t make a donation at this time please say a prayer that we are able to raise the shipping cost so we can get this dog food to help feed our rescued dogs & other dogs at rescues & shelters who are running low at this time of year.

The following is what is being shipped in. We will be getting half of this dog food and some of the cat food for our many barn cats. When we open our barn door we always seem to have a new visitor stopping in for a kitty meal.

1,848 20# bags of canine

100 10# bags of canine

515 8# bags of feline

Total pallets: 43
Total weight: 46,658

Thank you again & God Bless

Bill & Genea Stoops
Hooves & Paws Rescue, Inc.
A Place To Heal
In Glenwood, IA

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