Over 200 cat and dog food items added to recall

Over 200 cat and dog food items added to recall

Friends, When will we all wake up and smell the coffee or roses or stench for that matter. Please, think seriously about  never feeding your pets processed pet foods again!

 The National Pet Foundation

Over 200 cat and dog food item were added to the recall list today.
Please forward this information to any family or friends that have pets.
Some of these are new brands and some are extended recalls
(within already recalled brands). This is the largest recall since the initial FDA findings that pet food was killing dogs and cats.

New Dog Recalls:

New Cat Food Recalls:

Get notifications within the hour of new recalls and save your
pets life. Sign your family and friends up for the free pet alerts at:

Please help get the word out and share this information with any
pet owners you know. Our goal is to keep our pets safe.

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