Our Dogs and The Holidays Part 2

Holiday Stress and Our Dogs

I want to share a few “all natural” and healthy ways to keep your pets calmer and healthier during this holiday season with this little mini series about our dogs and the holidays.

Holidays can bring stress to all of us, and our pets are no exception. When routines are disrupted and new activities occur, your pet most likely will be the first to notice. We often forget that our dogs (and cats) can pick up on our stress and anxiety as well as our excitment and joy. Let’s face it though, most of the excitment and joy during the holidays can quickly turn into stress and even anxiety for us and even more so, for our dogs.

One really healthy thing for you and your dog(s) to do is to WALK! Does this seem too simple?  It is actually is one of the best ways to de-stress for both you and your dog, bundle up nice and warm if you need to and take to the trail (or side walks) to enjoy the invigorating air and stark, beauty that Fall and Winter bring. Walking will reduce stress, build a healthy heart, and move the lymph to aid in detoxing, You and your dog may even eliminate some any unwanted weight gained this time of year in the process.

By walking to relieve stress, you are balancing your dog’s (and your own) body’s chemical levels to allow it to fight feelings of anxiety and stress. Walking releases endorphins which are hormones that make one calm and happy. The movement relieves tense muscles and even enables the body to clear stress related compounds out while keeping the lymph system moving!

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