Our Dogs….Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully

What Can We Do To Help Our Dogs Age Gracefully?

We love our canine companions so much! Don’t you wish we could just slow the aging process for them? While there is no exact tool or magic bullet for doing this, scientific research for a ‘Fountain of Youth’ has pin pointed some of the aging culprits that we can strive to prevent.

The veterinary community has been trying to get us to think that our dogs are living longer lives now days then ever before and all due to feeding them a processed, “scientifically formulated, balanced diet” and keeping them vaccinated!

However, no matter what they try to tell us, the facts are, that over the last 15 – 20 years, dogs have been dying at younger and younger ages!  Aging  faster and presenting with life destroying dis-eases such as liver and/or kidney failure, diabetes and all different kinds of cancer and other auto-immune ailments.

Allopathic, conventional veterinary medicine is not offering any help or cure, all they know how to do is palliate the symptoms.

It seems that now more than ever more people while researching and applying natural health principles to their own lives are becoming concerned with also keeping their pets as healthy as naturally as possible.  The major focus for premature aging has been placed on the destruction and damage of a system’s DNA, mostly by oxidation. Leading causes of oxidation are just as you might think: pollutants, toxins in the air/water/ground, dis-ease, stress, hormone dysfunction, poor quality or lack of true nutrition (feeding commercial/processed foods), and the list goes on (hence the need for antioxidants as well as proper, preventative nutrition).

The DNA Telemerase theory on aging focuses on how cells lose their ability to replicate appropriately, which eventually leads to the cells becoming more and more damaged. The term Cellular Dysfunction is commonly known to us as “aging”.

Along with cellular dysfunction is the Free Radical, ‘balancing act’. We have all heard of the effects of Free radicals, (cancer, disease, aging) however, the truth of the matter is that the production of Free Radicals is an ongoing and natural process in the body systems (dogs and humans alike).  The best way to keep Free Radicals in a “state of balance” is to balance the input of energy with the output, nutrition intake with expenditure of energy.

Of course, the controllable aspects of aging are eating a truly naturally healthy diet ( raw, species specific, no additives, preservatives, fillers, etc.) and living a fun-filled, active life (going to the dog park, beach, hiking trail, etc.).

Let’s take a look at some of the founding reasoning for feeding your dog a raw diet.

There are of course further things you can do to enhance, strengthen, and add vitality to your dogs life, preventing premature aging. I will have more articles on this subject of “Aging Gracefully” here at Whole Dog News in the coming months. (Check the sidebar for this category.)

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